Engine Validation Engineer

Organisatie- en afdelingsomschrijving

The company you’re going to work for is a global player in development, production and service of light, medium and heavy vehicles.


The NVH&Validation group consists of two teams. One team does noise and vibration measurements of heavy duty diesel engines in research and development. The other team attends long-term engine endurance tests followed by detailed inspection and rating of all relevant engine parts after the test. Goal of these endurance tests is to gain confidence about the reliability and durability of the engine under service conditions.


  • Make sure that the endurance test is carried out according to test standards and specific arrangements.
  • Daily monitoring of test data during the endurance test.
  • Analysis of all data before, during and after the test.
  • Detailed inspection and rating of all relevant engine parts according to inspection list .
  • Present the results to all stakeholders. 
  • Write a detailed test report in English including a judgement of the overall engine condition after the test in relation to the desired engine life in service. Give advise and recommendations for improvement. 
  • Contribute to the development of specialized knowledge regarding durability issues. 


  • Education level bachelor/master mechanical engineering or automotive. 
  • Good PC working skills. 
  • Good knowledge of Dutch, English and German language.
  • Accurate, precise, calm, analytic mind, stress resistant, team player.
  • Enthusiastic about the technological challenges of big diesel engines such as exhaust emissions, fuel consumption, cost, durability.
  • Some number of years experience at engine rating is a plus.

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Koen van Stigt 076-5487373

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Koen van Stigt 076-5487373