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Our client is a state-of-the-art company that is active in sensor and LiDAR technology, located in Eindhoven.


A well thought of sensor hardware design and a new sensor fusion concept always starts off with

developing a thorough understanding of 1) how a sensor front end interacts and perceives the

information coming from its surroundings, and 2) how the system components chosen, affect perception quality.

To achieve this goal, specific simulation models are to be made of all components and of the physical

interactions seen in the real world. Unfortunately there are no readily available models on the market

we can use: there are either too simple, physically incorrect and therefore don’t provide the fidelity level needed, or too detailed and therefore covering just a small aspect in full detail of all aspects to be

considered and this at a very large computational cost. Things are further aggravated by the fact that

modern sensors contain a lot of IP protected concepts which are not covered by commercially available models, but which do affect a sensor’s output.

To overcome the issues seen, our client is currently hiring to establish a team for modeling and simulation. We are looking for a professional at academic level with experience in ray path tracing techniques.

• Take the lead with respect to the development of a (generic) ray tracer engine to simulate

automotive sensors

• Coaching juniors and helping them out on implementation issues

• Be the prime contact to the Lead Architect. This implies doing basic project management tasks

(tracking the top level milestone planning) and raising a flag on issues like unclear specs, missing profiles in the team, identify useful tools, etc.

• Execute technology watch and provide input for road maps related to IT technology / techniques deemed relevant

• Assist in the selection of personnel relevant to IT related disciplines and/or electronics


• You are a professional at academic level with experience in ray / path tracing techniques. It is

strongly preferred you have a M.Sc. degree in electronics or in physics

• You are an Engineer that wants to build things!

• Experience with nVIDIA OptiX and CUDA is welcomed, a good proficiency in C++ is a necessity

• You are a self starter, inquisitive by nature and like to take the lead in a team

• You consider your job successful when the simulation models are physical correct and show

sufficient correlation with measurement results, when the models you have made well

documented and can easily be understood / maintained by others, and when you understand

the sensor system’s sensitivities involved allowing for simplification and/or speed-up of the

simulation models


• A competitive salary and employment conditions

• 30 vacation days

• A fun and motivated team and working environment

• Large budget for training and education

• A rare occasion where you can influence the culture and road map of a company yourself

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