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Freedom gives wings!

Small-scale, but full of ambition. Young and combative, winning the most beautiful assignments. The Trinamics branch managers get their teeth into it. 'We like to compete with the big boys', the foursome say fearlessly. 'Bring it on.'

'Did you know that Brazilians love our Dutch cheese? And on a very specific cheese? This has resulted in real fan communities', laughs Anton Hooijmans (34). The branch manager of the Nijmegen region guides foreign candidates towards work. But he also helps facilitate housing, language courses and, if necessary, a school for the children. 'But we don't just bring Brazilians to the Netherlands, people from Turkey and Singapore have also found work through us.'

Across the border

Trinamics, a secondment agency for the technical sector, focuses on medium to large organizations in the central and southern Netherlands on a no cure no pay basis. It links companies to talent. Recruiting also works internationally. That is why we regularly look beyond the borders. Trinamics was founded in 2005, has 31 employees and offices in Eindhoven, Breda, Rotterdam and, since this year, also Nijmegen. The company is growing fast. 'This success is due to the small scale, with a lot of freedom for us as branch managers from the board of directors. This allows everyone to make optimal use of their talent', says Paul Duquesnoy (33) of the Eindhoven location. 'By tapping into the right channels and recruiting tactics, we can fill the vacancies that other agencies often drop out.' This company knows how to serve not only smaller regional companies, but also the bigger guys like ASML, Daf Trucks and Siemens. The fields of expertise include the automotive, (high-tech) industry and mechanical engineering. Trinamics also employs specialists in logistics.


Speaking of talents. What are we talking about? 'Well, Paul has a very broad knowledge, for example', responds Anton. 'He switches with ease from high-tech mechanical engineering to installation technology.' Remco Droog (30) of the Breda location, in turn, believes that Anton is a real people person, also strong in applying structure and an expert when it comes to software. Not surprising, Anton grew up with a father who owned a computer company. But Mathieu van Lieshout (40) from the Rotterdam branch and Remco also excel in their own way. 'Mathieu comes from external business and brings a lot of new work experience with him', says Remco. 'He also monitors group cohesion.' Finally, Mathieu tells about Remco that as the longest serving at Trinamics, he has a lot of knowledge, switches quickly and is an excellent connector internally.' Yes, hello, with so many skills at home you must be successful.

Warm harbor

Nevertheless, according to the managers, there is always room for improvement. Even more structure and specialisms. Betting even more on social media. And even more international recruiting. They are proud of the fact that all consultants in the various departments also feel more or less an advisor. 'That's because they rotate for more than the full 360 degrees at Trinamics,' says Remco. 'The knowledge and involvement is great, even when it comes to HR issues.' So plenty of challenges. One of which is internal capacity. 'Just as it is difficult for our customers to find good staff, so do our employees,' explains Remco. 'It is a matter of balance between growth, capacity and quality. Moreover, it is important that you have also eaten cheese (there it is again!) from technology.' Mathieu adds: 'Employees with experience, gained at a temporary employment agency, can take the step at Trinamics towards more depth and specialization. This instead of shifting CVs and recruiting less substantive technical knowledge.' Trinamics does a lot to offer its people a warm harbor within the Trinamics family. A football tournament was recently organized for all employees and with the upcoming holidays in sight they are looking forward to the Christmas drink.

Fast on the way

The four are completely in place. Go to work every day with a broad smile. “Seeing people grow within the company is great,” says Paul. 'The fact that I can contribute to this by offering the right supervision gives me great satisfaction.' Remco adds: 'Getting results is what I do it for. Ensuring that the customer gets what they ask for and that our consultants continue to improve. As a traditional club, we compete with the big boys in the region because we supply top people.' Mathieu also feels at home at Trinamics: 'Appreciation is spoken out loud here. New, fresh ideas are not brushed aside, but picked up and further developed into concrete plans.' Anton doesn't have to think long about it either: 'I enjoy all the depth in the technical field and work with people. I not only help an organization find the right person, but also the right person find the right organization.' Trinamics has gone from two to four locations in a short period of time. That is promising. Healthy growth is her ambition. And it has to be said: these guys (Remco Droog, Paul Duquesnoy, Anton Hooijmans and Mathieu van Lieshout) are well on their way.

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