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Food, Pharma and Life Sciences Vacancies

View our extensive range of vacancies in the Food, Pharma and Life Sciences sector

Do you wonder how the products are produced in the supermarket? Or how our medicines end up in those handy pressure strips? Maybe you are interested in making our food chain more sustainable and you like to develop new products. Vacancies in all these areas can be found at Trinamics. We have a network of well-known (inter) national companies within the Food, Pharma and Life Sciences industries with interesting vacancies for the (next) great step in your career! Read below what the possibilities are in this domain and which vacancy suits you!

Check our Food, Pharma and Life sciences vacancies here!

Your career in the food, pharma and life sciences sector

Are you looking for a new job in the food, pharma and life sciences sector? At Trinamics we help you to get the best out of yourself and ensure that you end up in the best place. Together we look for the vacancy that suits you best. Below you will find a selection of our Food, Pharma & Life Sciences vacancies. Curious about the complete range? Then click on the link below.



Vacancies Food, Pharma and Life sciences

About the industry

As a small country, the Netherlands is big in food production . Think of the many agricultural companies in our country. But there is also a large industry with an enormous selection of products that are shipped all over the world. Think of beer, cheese or, for example, sweets from well-known brands.

In the Netherlands there are also a number of large international players in the field of medicines, vaccines, immune technologies, etc. Medicines are produced and packaged here. These companies actually all operate globally and the product is shipped all over the world . The Pharmaceutical industry (Pharma) is also one that is constantly in motion and the production processes, as well as medicines, are constantly being innovated.

In the field of life sciences, there are many technology companies in the Netherlands that specialize in the development of medical equipment, aids, etc. that make our lives and healthcare easier and more intelligent. The different industries have one thing in common: they are strictly regulated production environments, in which laws and regulations are very important.

Food / Pharma / Life Sciences functions

Are you ready to change , and do you know how to keep everything running or validate it ? Then you are ready for the Food, Pharma or Life Sciences industry. View our current range of vacancies in these branches above or view all our vacancies for multiple options.

Technical Support

Are you looking for technical support in the field of Food, Pharma & Life Sciences for your organization? The Trinamics team will help you with this.

Trinamics is a technical advice and secondment agency u. Regionally represented and operating (inter) nationally. We focus on mediating high-quality technical personnel. We do this from four offices in the south of the Netherlands, with which we are active in a large part of the Netherlands. We mediate for large (inter) national organizations as well as for small specialist clients. We do this on the basis of secondment and deta-permanent, in project form or for the long term.

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