Trinamics is provided with the quality mark of the Labor Standards Foundation (SNA). Trinamics Breda also has a Safety Checklist for Temporary Employment Agencies (VCU) certification.

We are happy to meet the requirements!

We deal meticulously with the legislation and regulations regarding temporary employees or recruitment and selection. We therefore have several certificates that provide proof of our reliable and transparent working method. On this page you can read more about these certificates and the organizations behind them.

Labor Standards Foundation

Trinamics is provided with the quality mark of the Labor Standards Foundation (SNA), based on the NEN 4400-1 norm. The SNA quality mark guarantees that you do business with a bona fide and professional company.

Trinamics is assessed twice a year for its obligations arising from work. For example, the NEN 4400-1 standard imposes strict requirements on personnel and payroll administration and on the payment of taxes / social security contributions so that employers who hire work are better protected against illegality.

As a certified lender, with this quality mark Trinamics proves, among other things, that its administration is in order, that it pays taxes and social insurance premiums on time and that its employees are entitled to work in the Netherlands.

You can view the corresponding Declaration of Registration in the public register of the SNA. Visit the website of Stichting Normering Arbeid here.

Safety Checklist Temporary Employment Agencies

Trinamics Breda has a VCU certification (Safety Checklist for Temporary Employment Agencies).

VCU is a safety management system with which the organization can give structure to the policy in the field of health and safety care in a structured manner. The safety and health of flex workers is central to VCU. The purpose of VCU is to prevent and, if necessary, reduce accidents, damage, damage to third parties (for example at our clients) and material damage.

Trinamics Breda is assessed annually for its safety management system, so that consistent quality is guaranteed. You can view the corresponding registration in the public register of the SSVV (Stichting Samenwerken Voor Veiligheid).

Download a copy of our certificate here