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Connecting clients with the right professionals

Every technical company wants to move forward, be a leader. And to achieve that, you need the best technical people. However, talent in the current market is scarce and not always easy to find. Trinamics can help you with that. 

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rutger divisiemanager

Rutger Bartelink

Performance & Recruitment manager

Personal acquaintance

Finding technical professionals for your company can be very time consuming. Where do you find the best talents and how do you convince them to switch to your company? The experienced team of Trinamics is happy to help you with that. 

In order to determine which type of professional fits your organization best, we always come to meet you personally. This gives us a good idea of ​​the atmosphere and culture that prevails there. It is important to look beyond experience and qualities.

After this personal introduction you will receive all the necessary information from us regarding the cooperation and if you have any questions, you can contact us directly. You always have a personal contact person within Trinamics. Short lines, that works best.

Looking for the right match

Because Trinamics has been recruiting in the technical industry for 15 years, there is a good chance that we already have a number of suitable professionals for your organization in our network. Trained from Bachelor to WO/PhD and from starting level to experienced; we know our candidates well and know what they have to offer. This way we can make the best match for you.

If we do not yet have the type of professional you are looking for in our network, we will get to work quickly and specifically for you and keep the lines short. Through our database, large network, use of job boards, social media and online advertisements, we are able to quickly reach a large number of technical professionals.

A sustainable, open and honest relationship with both the customer and the technical professional is paramount in this entire process.

Licensed IND sponsor

Are you considering hiring employees from outside the EU, but you do not have the status of a recognized sponsor yourself? Then you can use our services.

Because Trinamics already has this status, our clients no longer have to deal with the IND sponsorship and all associated administration and obligations. This recognition makes us a reliable partner for the IND and we can lend staff to your organisation. So you can focus on things that really matter.

The selection

We make a first selection from all suitable technical professionals and present it to you with the necessary explanation. We await a response and, of course, adjust when that is desired. In this way we ultimately arrive at the most suitable professional(s) to fill the vacancy.

During the actual application procedure, we take all your worries off your hands. We provide communication, documentation and follow-up to the professional from Trinamics. All you need to do is to hold the actual job interviews. Can we ultimately not find a suitable candidate for the vacancy? Then of course there are no costs involved. 

Found the right candidate

After you have determined which professional is most suitable for the vacancy, we will arrange the contract. The communication towards the professional about the start and the entire first period is also taken care of from Trinamics.

We have drawn up a relocation process for employees outside the EU, so that we can take your worries off your hands. We bring the professional into contact with various authorities, so that they can immediately apply for a BSN number, convert their driver's license, take out insurance, etc. The 30% benefit tax rule and applying for a visa is also provided by us.


After the first working day or working week there is room for a short evaluation, in which we would like to hear how the first days of the professional at your organization went. If there are points for improvement, we would of course also like to hear about it. In the period thereafter, there are several fixed evaluation moments, depending on the level and weight of the position. We usually visit the client after one month and discuss the progress. The evaluation moments in the following months are personally coordinated with the professional and client. You can of course always contact us with questions in the meantime.

rutger divisiemanager

Looking for technical professionals? We are happy to help you.

Contact Rutger to discuss the possibilities.