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Looking for the right professional for your organization? Finding the perfect candidate is difficult and it involves a lot of work. Trinamics can help with this.

Trinamics for clients

Trinamics works with a large number of clients. We always search for the right match between company and employee, which increases the chance of success. On this page you will find the way we work.

Clients or candidates

Whether you are looking for a job in one of our fields or you have a vacancy to offer, Trinamics provides the right match. Within Trinamics there is room for various clients to offer vacancies in order to find a suitable employee.

As a job seeker, you can come to us for the best advice and guidance possible.

The Trinamics method

When there is a vacancy at your organization that we can help with, we would like to meet you first. In this way we can best estimate which candidates suit your organisation! After the introduction, we get to work quickly and keep the lines short. We set up a targeted search and look for the right professional. We value a long lasting relationship more than a quick profit.

Our candidates

We have many different candidates in our network. Young or old, from secondary vocational education to university / PhD trained, starting and experienced. Because we really know our candidates and know what they can do, we can advise even better. If we can't make a match, then there are also no costs.

Are you looking for a professional?

Contact us to post the vacancy. With our knowledge and insight we will provide you the right candidate for your organization.

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