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Energy and Installation technology vacancies

Check our extensive range of vacancies in Energy and Installation technology

Do projects in residential construction, utility construction or industry appeal to you as a service technician or consultant in electrical engineering? Then a job in Energy & Installation Technology is for you. Trinamics has an extensive range of technical installation and energy vacancies that you can apply for directly. Read below what the possibilities are in this domain and which vacancy suits you!


Check our Installation and Energy vacancies here!

Your career in the installation and energy industry

Are you looking for a new job in the installation and energy industry? At Trinamics we help you to get the best out of yourself and ensure that you end up in the best place. Together we look for the vacancy that suits you best. Below you will find a selection of our Installation and Energy vacancies. Curious about the complete range? Then click on the link below.

Vacancies Installation and Energy

Electrical Engineer

Installation and Energy Junior Noord-Brabant 3500,- / 4500,-

Are you dedicated to drive advancements in the energy industry and fostering sustainable solutions for a better tomorrow? We are currently seeking a skilled and enthusiastic Electrical Engineer to join our dynamic team and contribute to shaping the future of energy.You will play a pivotal role in the design, analysis, and implementation of electrical systems within our cutting-edge energy projects. You will collaborate closely with multidisciplinary teams to ensure the seamless integration of electrical components, contributing to the success of our energy-related projects.

Mechatronic System Design Engineer

Installation and Energy Medior Zuid-Holland 4000,- / 5500,-

Passionate about creating innovative solutions that blend mechanical and electronic systems into seamless, high-performance machines? Do you thrive on pushing the boundaries of technology to create products that impact industries and improve lives? If so, we invite you to apply for the role as a Mechatronic System Design Engineer.

Subsurface Engineer

Installation and Energy Medior Zuid-Holland 3500,- / 4500,-

Passionate about delving beneath the surface to ensure the smooth flow of vital infrastructure? Do you have a interest in managing the detailed networks of cables and pipes that keep our modern world connected? If so, we invite you to consider the role of Subsurface Engineer.

About the industry

Energy and installation technology revolves around the technology behind various energy systems. The accurate installation of an energy system and its maintenance is of great importance during installation. This requires precision and expertise ! At Trinamics we guide you in this to develop yourself into a true energy expert. This way you can install and improve advanced systems!

In addition to installing an energy system , you can also deal with the generation, transport and distribution of the energy. This not only gives you knowledge and experience in electrical engineering, but also in mechanical engineering. This is because advanced machines and techniques are needed in power plants, high-voltage networks and distribution stations.

Installation and energy functions

Do you have experience with this or are you interested in installing, improving and maintaining installations? Then energy and installation technology is something for you. Trinamics offers you opportunities in this industry, at every level of education.

For example, we regularly have vacancies for repair technicians, security technicians or electricians available on our website. But vacancies as a work planner, draftsman and project manager within energy and installation technology are also regularly posted within the Trinamics network. Therefore, be sure to keep a close eye on our vacancies page.

Technical Support

Are you looking for technical support in the field of Installation and Energy for your organization? The Trinamics team will help you with this.

Trinamics is a technical advice and secondment agency u. Regionally represented and operating (inter) nationally. We focus on mediating high-quality technical personnel. We do this from four offices in the south of the Netherlands, with which we are active in a large part of the Netherlands. We mediate for large (inter) national organizations as well as for small specialist clients. We do this on the basis of secondment and deta-permanent, in project form or for the long term.

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