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Curious how different professionals and clients experience our services? You can read their references on this page.

"I am extremely happy that I took this opportunity with both hands and went for it completely."

Both the Trinamics team and the team at my client have helped me on my way. I am now even permantly employed. I am extremely grateful for this and I look forward to my future with confidence.

Ray van Poppel
"They gave me a lot of suggestions on potential questions for the interview."

Before I started working via Trinamics they put me in contact with another Italian employee, just to share my doubts and thoughts. I am really thankful for that. Recently I even started a course about the Dutch language that was offered by Trinamics. What I like the most is that they always think about you as a person first and after that as an employee.

Fransesco Todino
" I am really happy with my job in this beautiful country."

After applying Trinamics contacted me and interviewed me with professionalism to find different opportunities matching my profile and needs. Trinamics works as a great team! They all helped me, especially my main contact person Anne.They listened to me regarding my future vision and found me an opportunity. They prepared me for the interview gave me tips to succeed.

They also provided me with all the information and possibilities of moving to The Netherlands. They took care of me from the beginning and supported me before during and after the interview. They exceed the expectations and check every now and then if everything is going well and thanks to them I am really happy with my job and with this beautiful country.

Hernán Trevejo
"Working with Trinamics was completely different than my preconceived opinion."

In Netherlands, it is possible to have a nice work-life balance, and being a mother of two kids and I value that. Two years ago (in 2018), I had received a call by Trinamics for a vacancy. Initially I was a bit skeptical about joining a consultancy. But I must say my experience with working with Trinamics was completely different than my preconceived opinion.

Trinamics really values it's employees, has a very professional attitude, is ready to improve, offers a good salary, understands personal situations and is ready to help you and guide you in every possible way. I feel very happy working with Trinamics and I would definitely recommend it to others. 

Shruti Oturkar, ASML
"The contact is always relaxed, sincere and effective. They think along with us, are open to new ideas, but remain empowered."

Trinamics knows how to sense our pleasant working atmosphere and understands that the personality of the candidates for Rotterdam Engineering is of great importance. Candidates are well informed about us before they are introduced to us and the people at Trinamics can always accurately tell us what kind of person is behind the CV.

Hiring manager, Rotterdam Engineering BV
"Fast, flexible and a personal approach!"

Trinamics has helped us several times with finding specialized candidates from the Netherlands and abroad.

Harmen Kielstra, Managing Director | Celsian
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