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Trinamics affiliated with NBBU

Trinamics is a member of the Dutch Association of Intermediary and Temporary Employment Agencies (NBBU). It is the trade association for more than 900 temporary employment agencies in the Netherlands.

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rutger divisiemanager

Rutger Bartelink

Performance & Recruitment manager

NBBU supervises Trinamics

The NBBU ensures that its members are reliable, professionally operating companies that comply with laws and regulations. For example, they conduct collective bargaining checks to ensure that the NBBU collective labor agreement is used correctly. In addition, NBBU members must have the SNA quality mark. This certification is a guarantee that the agencies affiliated with the NBBU comply with the laws and regulations arising from the provision of flexible workers. Visit the NBBU website here.

The new NBBU collective agreement entered into force on 1 June 2014. The CLA forms a good balance between flex and security and has a term of five years.

Download a copy of the NBBU collective agreement here (English)