Connecting people and technology

That is what we stand for. Offering professionals the perfect place and the support to develop themselves. Read here why and how we are able to do so!

Professionals at Trinamics

Trinamics has built up a large network full of professionals over the years. Therefore, there will always be someone on hand who can assist you in an appropriate manner.

The right connection

As a professional in technology you want to be the best at your profession. You can never have enough specialist knowledge in your field! However, what you do have enough of, is searching for the right job. When do you know whether a client really has a challenging assignment and whether you're a good fit?

Trinamics can help you. We find suitable vacancies for technical professionals, so that they only have to focus on their specialism. We lead them through a maze of vacancies, to a job to be proud of. Because it is with a leading company, because the new position increases its own influence, or because it fits better in terms of content. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software are the technical pillars of Trinamics, but their application is diverse. We know our clients and candidates well, this way we quickly see where someone fits best.

While working

Once you get to work we remain involved, by offering training and development programs among other things. We offer extra guidance and a social network to talents who leave their homes in another country to realize their ambitions here. In our eyes, it is only logical to keep the talent that has been brought in.

For clients

At Trinamics we not only offer employees a platform, we are also there for employers . Is your company looking for an employee in the technical sector with certain competencies? Then Trinamics is ready for you.

Perfect job for you?

We help you find it. So that you can advance in specialist knowledge and you no longer have to worry about the right position and location.

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