About us

Since 2005, Trinamics has been go-to the company that connects technology with people. We do not only help you find a suitable vacancy and dream job, but we also continue to follow and support you whenever you need it.


That is what Trinamics is all about. We connect technology with people. The right candidate with the right company. The right job with the right person. The right challenge with the right talent. At Trinamics, we believe that a connection is strong if the contact is personal, open and honest. This applies to our candidates, but also to our clients.

Our team

Meet our team. We are ready to help if you have any questions. Are you looking for a suitable vacancy or do you want to apply a certain job? We're here.

Our mission

At Trinamics, we like to do it our own way. We look at opportunities for each assignment with an open mind, and focus on that. Progress is what drives Trinamics.

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Do you want to be part of the Trinamics team? That's possible. Apply for one of our vacancies or send an open application.