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We offer you a technical traineeship at one of our clients.

Looking for a way to kick-start your career in engineering? You are in the right place at Trinamics. We ensure that you end up in the right place and that you can develop into a technical expert.

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Rutger Bartelink

Performance & Recruitment manager

Just graduated?

You have just graduated and are ready to launch your career. You are not yet 100% sure what kind of company suits you well and which terms of employment are really important to you, but you do know what you enjoy doing. We are happy to take you on this adventure to help you find your dream job.

Traineeship Vacancies

Start your career with a Traineeship via Trinamics

Together with you, we determine which client suits you best, in line with your wishes and ambitions. In this traineeship, everything revolves around your growth and you start developing your technical, soft and business skills. You can immediately apply the knowledge you acquire in the professional field. Of course with a matching salary and good conditions! By the guidance of both the client and that of the Trinamics Academy , you give the right start to your career. Together we ensure that you quickly develop into a technical expert.

This is what the Traineeship looks like

When you start through the Trinamics traineeship, you are one of our high potentials . We have every confidence in you and we would like to show that to you. We do this in the form of a two-year employment contract, among other things. You work through a detavast construction. This means that the approach is that you will enter permanent employment with the client after those 2 years.

In these 2 years you carry out assignments for one or more client (s). Think of branches such as Energy & Installation , Construction, High-tech , Software / IT and Automotive. A period full of coaching, training and guidance and at the same time you work at one of the great companies we work with.

Benefits for you

  • You choose which training courses suit you;
  • You work intensively on a special career;
  • You develop yourself as a technical expert;
  • A personal trainee supervisor from Trinamics;
  • On-the-job training (technical / business) from the client.

Have you become enthusiastic or do you want more information? Then do not hesitate to contact us. We are happy to help you!

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