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For Expats

We connect technical expats worldwide with the top of the Dutch tech industry

Have you ever considered to advance your career elsewhere? For example in the Netherlands? At Trinamics we make this step forward possible for you. Not only do we help you find that dream job, but we also continue to follow and support you whenever you need it. We are there to guide you through the maze of vacancies to a job to be proud of. 

Are you the engineer we are looking for?

Trinamics is a well-known and trusted recruitment partner for the Dutch technical industry for over 17 years and counting. During these years we have been able to successfully develop a large network with solid relationships, both with clients and candidates. We are working closely together with clients combined with short communication lines. Trinamics always has the most recent information about the recruitment market, both in the Netherlands as well as other countries.

If you are considering a technical position in the Netherlands, Trinamics can help you to make that possible. Not only do we help you to find that dream job, but we also facilitate the full process that comes with it. We are here to guide you through the maze of vacancies to find a job that is a perfect match. All of our clients are operating in the high-tech, automotive, aviation and semiconductor industry. Within these companies we continuously have career options for mechanical-, electrical-, software-, IT-, logistics- and automotive engineers.

Why should you consider the Netherlands as a destination for your new job?

  • Many world famous companies in the technical industry are rooted or settled in the Netherlands. Our country is not called ‘’Brainport of Europe’’ for nothing!
  • Besides excellent employment conditions, expats are also entitled to the 30% tax ruling (a maximum of 30% of your gross income will not be taxed for a maximum period of 5 years)
  • In contrast of other European neighbor countries, the English language is the only one you need to master. Professionally, but also in daily life, almost all residents of our country speak English. You are welcome to learn Dutch, but it is defiantly not a requirement.
  • We have a very developed healthcare system, great infrastructure, good educational system and extensive employer rights
  • The Dutch strive for an egalitarian society and are known for their liberalism, welcoming religions and traditions from elsewhere.

The list goes on, but let’s focus on our business;

Trinamics has two main goals. First one is to provide our candidates with the best suitable tech job in our country. Second one is to fulfill our clients vacancies and new hire requests with the best engineers from the world wide job market. Trinamics is a solid and preferred supplier of many great names in the tech industry such as ASML, DAF Trucks, VDL, Philips, Fugro, Siemens and many more. Our tech industry is big, booming and growing ever long.

The growth of the industry is also one of the biggest challenges we are facing. Due to the continuously growing number of vacancies and job openings, Trinamics is recruiting people from all over the world to join this great industry.

If you are not an EU citizen, you can join the Dutch industry on a so called Highly Skilled Migrant visa. Trinamics is a visa sponsor and has been arranging visa’s for more then 10 years. We are a referral of the IND (Dutch Immigration Service) and well experienced in visa processes. There is nothing we haven’t seen yet when it comes to immigration.

What Trinamics can do for you:

  • Find a position for you in the Netherlands (as long as its in the tech industry)
  • Provide you with all the necessary information you need to make a career decision (salary indication and other employment conditions, backdoor information about clients and there working atmosphere, solid advice based on experience to compare offers and all the practical information you need to make it happen)
  • Arrange the necessary visa’s. Not only for you, but also for your spouse and children.
  • Provide you with a relocation budget, which you can use for all relocation related expenses (such as flight tickets etc.)
  • Apply for the 30% ruling (click here for more information about this tax benefit)
  • You always have a fixed point of contact within Trinamics, who does not only help you during the process of getting a job, but also afterwards for as long as necessary
  • We even organize our own yearly Trinamics festival, where you can meet all our wonderful engineers and meet up with people from all over the world and share stories. The previous editions already resulted in some great friendships!

Recruitment process with Trinamics

Recruitment process with Trinamics
To give you an impression of the recruitment process (which may differ from case to case), please see the steps below.

Phase 1: Connecting
In the first phase, we will work on creating a personal connection and figure out what we can do for each other.

Phase 2: Working on your application
In this phase, we we will look at whether there are available and matching job  opportunities for you. If there is a job opportunity present, or expected to be in the near future – we would like to plan a call to get a better image of your profile, personality, tick off some practical issues and more thoroughly explain the recruitment process that lies ahead of us.

Phase 3: Submitting your application
In this phase, we will discuss all practical issues. We will make sure that your Trinamics CV is ready and you will provid us your letter of motivation. Once the above mentioned documents are complete we will submit your application. Because of our connections and relations with our clients, we strive to get feedback back to you as soon as possible.

Phase 4: Moving forward after receiving feedback
Two things can happen: you will either get invited for a job interview (videocall/face-to-face interview) or you will get feedback that you profile does not match with the criteria of our client.

Phase 5: Job offer & ready to start working
In this phase you will have one, two or three job interviews and the company will inform us they want to hire you. We work on deta-vast basis, which in most cases means you will work under a Trinamics contract for a certain period of time and we will deploy you at the company. After this period, if you performed well, our client will offer you a permanent contract.

Phase 6: Re-location
As mentioned, we are here to help, assist and facilitate you in your re-location to the Netherlands. We will guide you on your re-location journey, apply & pay for your Highly Skilled Migrant Visa (if applicable) and submit your 30% ruling application (if applicable). We will support you in finding housing, make a cost-of-living overview and simply always be there when you have questions, comments and/or remarks.

Phase 7: Your role during your working period at the company
You will work at the specific client, under a Trinamics contract.

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Phase 8: The future
After your Trinamics contract ends, you will (if you perform well) get a permanent contract at the client. We wish you the best of luck in your future career and hope to stay connected. If by any chance you do not get a permanent contract offer, we will be happy to bring your profile under the attention of other clients to see whether they have any job opportunities which match your profile.



Looking for a job in the Netherlands?

Remco is happy to help you! Please contact him if you have any questions or if you want to know more.