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The past year at Trinamics according to Axel

A new job always takes getting used to. But after your first month suddenly working completely from home because of corona, that's a bit different. How do you get used to this change? And what are its advantages and disadvantages? Axel has been employed at Trinamics for exactly 1 year today and tells in this blog how he experienced the past year at Trinamics.

I started at Trinamics in mid-February 2020. Full of enthusiasm and good courage I started my new job at the office. In March, the news came that corona cases had also been detected in the Netherlands and working from home was strongly advised. In the first four weeks I was able to get to know my colleagues at different branches, after which the face-to-face contacts were limited and most of it became digital.

How did you experience the switch when you started working from home?
I'm glad that I was able to work full-time in the office for the first 4 weeks so that I got to know everyone in Eindhoven pretty well. In addition, all colleagues are extremely helpful and I have felt very welcome from day one. Moreover, everyone stays in touch with the well-known Teams meetings and I have also built up a nice bond with colleagues from outside Eindhoven. What is of course a pity is that I was less able to work externally with our clients.

I'm looking forward to going to customers again, which makes your week just that little bit more varied. But I try not to complain too much. There are professions that have it much harder. I have a lot of fun at Trinamics! In the meantime I have been able to achieve quite a few successes and have helped quite a few technicians to challenging jobs, something that gives me the most satisfaction!

What are the pros and cons of working from home for you?
I do see a number of advantages to working from home. I work 'net' more hours, spend less time in traffic jams, and can focus quite well at home. In addition, because of the whole crisis I was able to get more from my newborn daughter, that time can no longer be taken away from me! The biggest disadvantage is of course the dynamics with colleagues. When you sit together, you complement each other much faster and you learn more quickly about other people's working methods.

What lesson have you learned from the past year?
I have learned that working from home is fine, as long as you keep looking for contact with colleagues, candidates and customers. That's what gives me the most energy. And that I am very happy and grateful that I can occasionally go to the office, in accordance with the rules of course. So I feel like I'm still part of the club.

Overall, how have you experienced the situation over the past year?
I am by nature someone who is quite relaxed and tries to put things into perspective. As I mentioned before, there are people who have had a really hard time (and still are) and then my minor irritations such as less social contact, no football and gym are not so bad. In addition, it has been a great year for me (hardly dare to say it), with the birth of my daughter and a great new job that I feel good in.

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