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Are you looking for a job in IT? Trinamics is the right place to look! At Trinamics we have a wide range of different IT jobs for you to choose from. We are sure that we have the right IT job for you. Our IT Job Board has job openings at all kind of different industries: from the Automotive or Aviation and Space Industry to (High)Tech companies such as semiconductor companies. Are you the digital jack-of-all-trades and completely at home in the digital world? Someone who won’t stop until you have found a working solution? A job in the IT-business might be your calling.

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Jobs IT

Java Software Design Engineer (High-tech industry)

Software Senior Utrecht

Do you enjoy working within a high-tech organization and do you want to impact the future with your knowledge of controller software? Read on!   The organization where the vacancy exists is a professional organization with an informal work environment, specialized in the development and manufacturing of high-tech equipment and machinery.

Senior Software Engineer (C++ / Python)

Software Senior Noord-Brabant 3000,- / 6000,-

What if you could use your ability to speak C++ and Python fluently, at a rapid growing company in Eindhoven? And at this company, you could also learn so much more than you already know right now! You'll work on many projects to really be of extra value to our world as it is. Sounds good? Good. Read on!

Experienced C++ Software Engineer

Software Medior Noord-Brabant

Do you have relevant experience in C++ as a Software Engineer, are you familair with algorithms and do you find a great joy in software development? Then you are who we are looking for! Our business client is a fast dynamic technical company wich gathers and processes huge amounts of data.

Raytracing Software Engineer - Eindhoven

Software Medior Noord-Brabant

Ray Tracing Software Engineer C++ - Eindhoven Our client is one of the most innovative companies located in the region of Eindhoven

Software Architect C++

Software Medior Noord-Brabant

At our client's Technology & Development facility machines are being developed, manufactured and assembled. All this takes place under one roof. The high-tech production facility is equipped with state of the art machinery to produce any designed product. Think of automated milling machines, lathes, grinders, welding robots, laser cutters, etc. We are of the following disciplines: mechanical, electrical, mechatronics and software. Out of these disciplines multidisciplinary project teams are assembled. These teams are responsible for the realization of challenging projects for leading international clients within the high-tech engineering.

On this page we will look deeper in the world of IT Jobs: what are IT jobs exactly, what kind of IT jobs are there, where could you end up working and what kind of salary can you expect at an IT job? Those are all valid questions that we will try to answer. Read below what the possibilities are and what IT jobs you can apply for. directly. Do you want to browse through our job openings, or are you looking for more info about working in the IT sector? Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will help you.

Possibilities for IT Jobs

An IT job is as straightforward as it sounds: you work as in IT or ICT professional at a company. What kind of work that exactly implies, is different per company. As an IT professional you are familiar with working with computers, software, networks, databases and servers. You are responsible for installing, testing, managing and possibly repairing hardware and/or software for your employer.

Obviously, working in IT is a highly versatile job. On the hardware side of things, it is your responsibility to maintain a highly functioning IT platform that people can rely on at any moment. It is often a crucial position, because a properly functioning IT platform is critical for the success of your company. On the software side, you could be working as a developer in different directions, for instance working on developing software apps or analyzing data.

Positions in the IT industry

As in any industry, jobs in IT are widespread and as versatile as anywhere. From Azure Solution Engineer to High-tech IT Security Architect, Java developer and from Product Owner IT to SAP HANA Developer. We will list a couple of options if you are looking at working in IT.

IT Support / IT Technician jobs

Technical support is one of the most common IT jobs on the market. There is always a need for technical support from professionals. As a Support employee, you are responsible for analyzing, evaluating and fixing technical issues. This may entail the support of internal clients at the company you work, or helping external companies with their IT issues, but in person on location and via telephone or chat. At this job, you combine your knowledge of computer hardware and software with your analyzing and troubleshooting skills to help companies fix their technical issues.

IT/System Engineer

As an IT or System Engineer, you are responsible for the computer and network infrastructure at your company or the client that employs you. You will help design, develop and maintain the infrastructure to optimize it as much as possible.

IT Security/Cybersecurity Engineer

Nothing these days is as important as cybersecurity. Everything we do is connected to the internet and therefore vulnerable to cybercriminals. As an IT Security professional (or Cybersecurity Engineer) you are responsible for the online protecting of your employer. You design and develop concepts and solutions, monitor system performance and identify and fix possible security risks.

IT Helpdesk jobs

Do you thrive on helping people with their IT problems, them being big or small? Then working at an IT Helpdesk is the job for you. People rely on you to help them with their IT problems, whatever they may be, and you deliver on that promise.

Industries for IT Jobs

Due to the digitization that many companies are experiencing, the demand for IT personnel, and therefore the amount of IT job openings, have increased rapidly. At Trinamics, there are many opportunities in the IT infrastructure of a lot of our leading clients. These companies are active in various industries. There are plenty of IT jobs in Healthcare, Government, Security, Finance and more. You can immediately start as a System Administrator, Support Employee of IT System Engineer.

Salary in IT Jobs

The salary for IT jobs differs from position to position, depending on various different factors such as experience, industry, responsibilities, education level and more. At the top of the market are jobs like Senior IT consultants or IT managers, where the monthly salary can rise to €8.000, with bonuses as extra. As a starting IT professional, you will enter the market at approximately €2.500 per month.

Find your Technical Support Engineers

Are you looking for IT technical support for your organization? The Trinamics team will help you with that.

Trinamics is a technical advice and secondment agency. Regionally represented and (inter)nationally operating. We focus on mediating high-quality technical personnel. We do this from four offices in the south of the Netherlands, with which we are active in a large part of the Netherlands. We mediate for large (inter)national organizations as well as for small specialist clients. We do this on the basis of secondment and secondment, in project form or for the long term.

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