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We connect people and technology

Technology. That is what our vacancies are all about. Whether you just left school or are an experienced specialist. With a completed Bachelor or Master/PhD, you will find work at Trinamics. Matching with your education, experience and ambitions.

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Assembly Technician EUV

(Hightech) Industry Junior Noord-Brabant

Want to build the coolest machines you'll ever see for ASML? And are you an auto mechanic, aerospace engineer or technician with a similar background? Then I am looking for you!

Lead Mechanical Engineer

(Hightech) Industry Senior

Joining as a Lead Mechanical Engineer at our company means becoming a part of a people-focused organization with efficient communication channels. Our direct and transparent no-nonsense company culture, which prioritizes both individuals and technology, ensures that our new employees settle in comfortably. We emphasize building and nurturing long-term relationships, both with our clients and our staff members. Additionally, at our company, you'll have the opportunity to work on a diverse range of projects.

Trinamics Quality you can rely on. 

Since 2005 Trinamics has been the company that connects people with technology.

We not only help you find a suitable vacancy and dream job, but also continue to follow and support you when you need it. At Trinamics we do it our own way. For each assignment, we look with an open mind where opportunities lie and focus on them. In this way we succeed in recruiting the best and greatest talents, not only from the Netherlands, but from all over of the world.

Why people choose trinamics

At Trinamics we do it our own way. For each assignment, we look with an open mind where opportunities lie and focus on them. Progress is what drives Trinamics. In this way, we succeed in recruiting talent from all over the world.


Specialized in the technical industry. Trinamics offers you the best guidance, from start to finish.


Trinamics has been your partner in the field of technology for years. We offer a wide range of vacancies, with different employers.


You will find the best and most fun jobs in the south and west of the Netherlands with us.


At Trinamics we love personal service. You are always invited to a personal (digital) meeting. We guide you throughout the entire process and even afterwards.

Stories from professionals

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"I am extremely happy that I took this opportunity with both hands and went for it completely."

Both the Trinamics team and the team at my client have helped me on my way. I am now even permantly employed. I am extremely grateful for this and I look forward to my future with confidence.

Ray van Poppel
"They gave me a lot of suggestions on potential questions for the interview."

Before I started working via Trinamics they put me in contact with another Italian employee, just to share my doubts and thoughts. I am really thankful for that. Recently I even started a course about the Dutch language that was offered by Trinamics. What I like the most is that they always think about you as a person first and after that as an employee.

Fransesco Todino

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At Trinamics you can stay up to date with the latest technical news. Upcoming events and great opportunities also pass by. Trinamics supports in all kinds of ways.

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