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Aerospace vacancies

View our extensive range of vacancies in the Aerospace Industry

The advanced technology in aerospace offers great opportunities. Especially for specialized technicians like you! Do you have training in aeronautical engineering, aerospace or aviation? Then a job in the aerospace industry is perfect for you. Trinamics has an extensive range of aerospace vacancies that you can apply for directly. Read below what the possibilities are in this domain and which vacancy suits you!

View our Aerospace Vacancies here!

Your career in the aerospace industry

Are you looking for a new job in aerospace? At Trinamics we help you to get the best out of yourself and ensure that you end up in the best place. Together we look for the vacancy that suits you best. Below you will find a selection of our Aerospace vacancies. Curious about the complete range? Then click on the link below.

About the industry

The aerospace sector in the Netherlands consists of various parts. You can think of airlines and air traffic control and its suppliers, for example. But also to military and police aviation and engine builders at various companies.

The binding factor of this sector is the knowledge infrastructure that consists of countless engineers, the Faculty of Aerospace Engineering in Delft and NLR. The aerospace industry is developing rapidly under the influence of economic, technological and political changes. Innovation in digitization drives changes within this industry. The aerospace industry is a large industry, literally and figuratively! Aerodynamics, satellites, planes and missiles: you could all contribute to this.

Are you interested in the study of airflows and the design of aircraft wings, for example? This is well covered in aerodynamics . But the desired position of a space vehicle for these airflows and the drive technology behind it are also of great importance.

Aerospace functions

With a Bachelor or WO degree in Aerospace Engineering or Aerospace Engineering, you can, for example, work as a technical engineer / consultant, control technician or commercial engineer.

To be successful in the industry, you need to have a number of competencies. Consider, for example, being able to work very accurately and possessing analytical and numerical skills.

In this beautiful industry you can be responsible for different types of activities. When you work as an Aerospace Engineer you can think of developing and producing equipment for space travel, thinking about suitable software that can read data from space and drawing up a test plan to see whether the equipment meets the requirements. As a control engineer you also work on designing software or perform electromechanical maintenance on control elements of machines.

There is therefore a wide range of functions within these different branches of aviation and space travel. This way you can quickly get started in the field where your passion lies.

Technical Support

Are you looking for technical support in the field of Aerospace Engineering for your organization? The Trinamics team will help you with this.

Trinamics is a technical advice and secondment agency u. Regionally represented and operating (inter) nationally. We focus on mediating high-quality technical personnel. We do this from four offices in the south of the Netherlands, with which we are active in a large part of the Netherlands. We mediate for large (inter) national organizations as well as for small specialist clients. We do this on the basis of secondment and deta-permanent, in project form or for the long term.

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