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How does Manouk work at home?

Working from home, how do our colleagues do it? You can read the story of Manouk, Key Account Manager at Trinamics here.

Working from home according to our colleague Manouk

Last week it was announced that the measures regarding the corona virus will be extended until at least 28 April. This means that we will continue to work from home for the time being. How do our colleagues deal with this? This week we asked our Key Account Manager Manouk Beekwilder from Eindhoven location!

How do you maintain a proper routine?
My routine isn't much different than when I do go to the office. I think that is also important to keep. I get up around the same time, have breakfast and enjoy the time I have with my daughter. Then I'll get started. Working from home is not always effective when you have a child walking around, but it is of course very pleasant.

How do you stay in touch with your colleagues?
I have a lot of contact with colleagues and customers via telephone or video calls. Colleagues often talk about work, of course, but we sometimes also have a short social talk. In this way we stay in touch with each other and we maintain the team feeling. It is important to be able to keep smiling with each other during this time. We also have a number of fixed calling appointments per week as standard, so there are plenty of contact moments!

How do you find the right balance between your work and private affairs/environment?
I have to say that sometimes I find that quite difficult. I still have to see that button in my mindset to switch! I like to work in the same way as I do at the office, but that is obviously not possible. This is partly because I want to pay attention to my child, but also want to keep the focus on my work. Fortunately, Trinamics is very flexible in this. It is important that you divide your day into time slots, so that you can better maintain focus. And then you can really determine when you are done working on that day.

What do you think is the biggest advantage of working from home?
Personally, I don't like working from home very much. I prefer to be in the office with colleagues around me. But I'm lucky that it's possible at all. That is not obvious to everyone. Of course it is nice to be more in the presence of my daughter. The fact that I now have no travel time and can do some household tasks in between is of course also an advantage!

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