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Have you ever considered to advance your career elsewhere? For example in the Netherlands? At Trinamics we make this step forward possible for you. Not only do we help you find a suitable vacancy and a dream job, but we also continue to follow and support you whenever you need it. We are there to guide you through the maze of vacancies to a job to be proud of. Because it is at a leading company, because the new position increases your own influence, or because it fits better in terms of content. All of our international clients are operating in the high-tech, automotive, aviation and semiconductor industry. For these companies we are always looking for mechanical-, electrical-, software- and automotive engineers. For more industries, click on the link below. 

A selection of our vacancies

Big Data Security Specialist

Our client leads the worldwide development, production and sales of high-end lithography systems for the semiconductor industry. In short, we make the machines that make computer chips, or integrat...

Java Algorithms Developer

In the Applications Algorithms group we are responsible for the development and implementation of the common algorithms that are then used by other teams to develop applications to optimize the pro...

Software Test & Integration Specialist

This vacancy is within the integration & industrialization team. The department is delivering computer systems, operating systems, facilities and tools for the product and provides the basic de...


At Trinamics, our mission is to find your dreamjob. Over the last 15 years we have gained great experience in facilitating job-seekers in their relocation to the Netherlands.

Our consultants can help you with many things. For example: finding the right job at the right company – in order for you to advance your career. As well as supporting you in the relocation process; planning, housing, cost-overview, and more. We also take care of the VISA application procedure, as well as taking care of the costs, but also pay your flight ticket when you start working at Trinamics. And did you know we have a favorable 30% tax-cut ruling, available for high quality engineers & professionals moving to work in the Netherlands? That means you don’t pay tax over 30% of your gross income. And last but not least: having a personal connection with your consultant, who you can run to for all questions and comments you might have. Check out our team of consultants via the link below.


Looking for a reason to join our country full of opportunities? Let us provide you a few!

  • The Netherlands is known as an innovative hotspot. Many international and global businesses choose to set up their European offices in the Netherlands.
  • As said by the Bloomberg L.P. Ranking, the Netherlands is one of the top 5 when it comes to the highest percentage of companies that operates in Technology. The ranking is based on companies that operate in Aerospace, Biotechnology, Hard- & Software, Semiconductors, IT and Energy and Installation.
  • The Software and Research and Development Industry is very big in the region of Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven.
  • At least 90% of the Dutch can speak the English language.
  • We have the favorable tax rulings, available for high quality engineers & professionals moving to work in the Netherlands, meaning you don’t pay tax over 30% of your gross income.
  • The Dutch strive for an egalitarian society and are known for their liberalism, welcoming religions, diverse cultures and traditions from elsewhere.


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