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Since 2005, Trinamics has been the go-to company that connects people with technology. We're not only here to help you find a suitable vacancy and dream job, but we also keep following and supporting you during the full process. Even after the whole process is finished, we like to stay in touch.

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About Trinamics

As a technical posting agency, Trinamics is active in various branches since 2005. For example, we link professionals to positions in the following areas: Automotive, (High-tech) industry, Installation and Energy, Logistics, Aerospace, Machine construction, Maritime and (Petro) chemical.

Trinamics stands for a no-nonsense approach. Every employee has a high level of involvement towards both our clients and our professionals and direct colleagues. The lines within the organization are short and the communication is clear. We are very transparent towards the clients and the professionals and very involved in their progress. There is enough room for a personal and open collaboration!

Our team now consists of around 30 people, spread over the 4 locations in South Holland and Brabant. The atmosphere at these locations can be described as entrepreneurial and driven, but in a cozy and informal way. Curious about what these enterprising, fun people look like? Take a look !


Trinamics is located in the south of the Netherlands. With four locations in Breda, Eindhoven, Rotterdam and Nijmegen, we know what is going on in the region and how we can mediate in this. We know the companies here and the people. That way we see the opportunities for both clients and professionals.

Our enthusiastic team of highly trained consultants is happy to make the best possible match. Committed and with an eye for details.

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