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Continue to grow with the Trinamics Academy

Trinamics connects people with technology. In order to make and keep this connection strong, we give every technical professional personal attention and we are committed to the development of employees. This way we can offer our clients the best professionals with the right skills and help them move forward. We do this not only for experienced professionals, but also for starters.

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Orientation as a starter

Perhaps you are still in the final phase of your studies and you are already orienting yourself on the labor market. What opportunities and challenges are there for you as a technical professional? And where do you start your search in the maze of technical vacancies for starters? Our consultants are happy to help you with your orientation on vacancies within the technical sector. This way you are ready for the start of your career in technology. View our industry page to see in which technical sectors Trinamics mediates. Would you rather know more about how the Trinamics recruitment process works? Read it on our professionals page. Information about the guidance and help you can expect from Trinamics once you start working can be found on this page.

Already working and continuing to challenge yourself?

Have you been working in technology for some time? Then you know better than anyone that the labor market is always in flux and that more and more employees want to continue to develop themselves. For example, by performing varied activities in different environments and at different companies. Consciously seeking out these dynamics ensures that you as a professional can quickly expand your competencies and experience.

And do you want to keep learning?

Due to our wide range of different clients, you have the opportunity to carry out varied projects and activities spread over a number of years. Not only do you learn new things every day, but you can also make use of our training offer. In addition to all the developments that you experience when performing your daily work for our clients, we also offer you the opportunity to continue to develop yourself through our academy.

We offer you training in the field of new technologies and personal development, among other things. With tailor-made training advice, the Trinamics Academy ensures that you as a professional always have the right knowledge. This way you can continue to grow and realize your ambitions. With the right certifications you are ready for the next step!

Different phases

In the first phase you will be offered training courses such as Cultural Awareness in group and Dutch language training. In the second phase you will receive a follow-up to this language training and you will also be offered a personal development training. In the final phase you will receive the last part of the language training and the personal development training, but you will also receive technical training.

These are the benefits for you as a professional

  • You develop all the necessary skills in different areas.
  • You gain the right knowledge and can immediately apply it in practice.
  • To support you, you will receive on-the-job coaching.
  • A trajectory that is tailor-made especially for you.
  • A personal coach/trainee supervisor from Trinamics where you can go with all your questions.
  • Training at different locations in the country and therefore always near you.
  • You will continue to grow and develop as a true technical professional.
  • Keeping up with a continuously changing market.
  • Basic training offer that is always tailored to your needs, based on case studies from practice.

These are the benefits for clients

  • Employee in the team with a strong ambition and want to grow further.
  • Employee develops faster, which is beneficial for the work at your company.
  • Employees are always up to date with recent technology.

Our training offer

From Trinamics we offer various training courses. For example, we start with a Dutch language course and you learn to delve deeper into your soft and business skills.
If it applies to your field, you will also start developing your technical skills. This is especially the case in the IT and software industry.
Below we explain to you which training courses you can follow with us:

  • Dutch language

  • Soft/business skills
    • Cultural awareness
    • Personal leadership
    • Collaborate
    • Present
    • Time management
    • Intervision

  • Technical skills
    • Software (C, C++, C#, Cuda, Java, Python, ISTQB etc.)
    • IT (Ansible, Docker, VMWare, CCNA / CCNP / CCIE, Red Hat Certified Architect)
    • Hardware ( Siemens NX, Teamcenter, Autocad, Design for Six Sigma, FMEA, 8D / Quality tools, , Altium, Mentor graphics, VHDL/FPGA, Cadence, E-plan, PLC)

Would you like to know more about the Trinamics Academy?

Remco is happy to help you!