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Working at trinamics according to Rick

Rick is happy to tell you about his role as Key Account Manager at Trinamics. How does he start his working day and what does he enjoy most about his job? You read it here!

rick teamlead

This is my story

How did you end up at Trinamics?
In the summer of 2017 I completed my commercial HBO study at the NHTV in Breda. After completing this study, I thought I would calmly orient myself on the job market and first wait for the graduation ceremony. During that presentation I spoke with Simon, who had also just graduated at that time and had started at Trinamics in the role of Recruitment Consultant. He told me what his position entailed and what kind of organization Trinamics is. A day later, the Breda branch manager called to see if I was interested in having a look at the office. Five days later I signed my contract and started on Monday!

What was your first impression during your induction period?
The first months were quite intensive, partly because you do not yet master all knowledge of the technical industry. After all, you come from a commercial education and are not trained as a mechanical engineer. Many concepts and job titles you hear are new. That is precisely why it was an educational and fun induction process. Together with your manager, look for your specific interest in technology and funnel all information that is relevant to you.

The purpose of the induction process is to be an equal discussion partner for both clients and candidates as quickly as possible. You quickly get the feeling that you can actually mean something to people and that is very motivating.

What exactly does your work entail?
I am mainly responsible for managing relationships of the current Key Accounts. I am also busy recognizing and approaching opportunities within my own market. In addition, I also do part of the Recruitment, but compared to our Recruiters and Recruitment Consultants, I am more on the customer side.

Because our larger customers often employ several people through Trinamics, I am in daily contact with my customers. I make sure that everything runs smoothly at the customer and that we have a clear growth path for our employees. It is important to get good feedback in your work, to be able to learn things and to enjoy going to work. I try to ensure that our external employees have all this by properly evaluating and coming up with solutions in a timely manner, should the above issues not be the case. In addition, I help my clients to fulfill objectives in the field of Recruitment and HR. In addition, I am the link that turns these things off again within Trinamics, so that all Recruiters and Recruitment Consultants have a focus to work on on a daily basis.

Working at Trinamics means ...
A lot of fun and bad jokes, a lot of diversity in your work and time that flies by.

How have you been able to develop yourself within Trinamics?
My first 2 years at Trinamics I worked as a Recruitment Consultant and completed the Junior, Medior and Senior trajectory. I now hold the title of Key Account Manager Automotive & High Tech Systems .

In addition to a development in functions, I mainly developed myself as a professional. I started as a student and have since become a worthy partner for the larger technical companies in the Netherlands. That is very cool and gives me a lot of energy. In addition, over the past three years I have got to know and helped people from all over the world, through which I have learned a lot in the field of culture and the relationship between the Netherlands and other parts of the world.

I always start my (work) day with ...
An extensive breakfast!

My working day was successful when ...
If I have been able to mean something, for clients, candidates or my Trinamics colleagues. And made at least three silly jokes!

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