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Working at trinamics according to Manouk

Manouk is happy to tell you about her role as Key Account Manager at Trinamics. How does she start her working day and what does she enjoy most about her job? You read it here!

This is my story

How did you end up at Trinamics?
I came into contact through an old colleague. Although I already knew Trinamics, since I already had work-related contact with Trinamics at my old employer.

What was your first impression during your induction period?
The first weeks were a lot of fun! I ended up in what I think was a small team if I compare it to my old employer. This resulted in all colleagues being helpful and really doing their best to make me feel comfortable. Because of this small scale I also noticed a difference in the way of working than I was used to. That took some getting used to, but now I wouldn't want it any other way.

What exactly does your work entail?
As a Key Account Manager I am responsible for specific customers within the Automotive and Hardware . The activities mainly consist of visiting the customer, picking up vacancies and placing them internally in the organization, including colleagues in the wishes of the client, etc. But also building such a relationship that creates a relationship of trust. Your work can be the same every day if you do everything in the same way, but within Trinamics you can organize everything in your own way.

What I like about my job is the contact with the customer. Relationship management is made for me! I really see it as a challenge to make the collaboration as successful as possible. I get a lot of energy from that.

Working at Trinamics means ...
Hard work, but also time for a joke. It is a dynamic environment and you must be able to switch quickly. But working at Trinamics also means nice colleagues and above all a pleasant atmosphere!  

How have you been able to develop yourself within Trinamics?
I have not been employed for very long, so I have not gone through any major developments yet. But of course I learn something new every day and I have every confidence that it will continue.

I always start my (work) day with ...
A cup of tea, a chat with colleagues and then quickly check my email! I can't stand a full mailbox, so I prefer to get rid of it as quickly as possible.

My working day was successful when ...
When I have had a lot of contact with the customer, have also had some customer visits and have been able to ensure that some candidates have been proposed. Of course there must also have been time for some fun at the office!

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