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Working at trinamics according to Arjan

Arjan is happy to tell you about his role as a Recruiter at Trinamics. How does he start his working day and what does he enjoy most about his job? You read it here!

arjan recruiter

This is my story

How did you end up at Trinamics?
Via LinkedIn I received a message from the Breda branch manager. By means of a video that I had posted on my LinkedIn, I had announced that I was open to a new challenge.

What was your first impression during your induction period?
I was totally new to the role of Recruiter. I had worked in the healthcare sector for many years, so a new world opened up for me. Together with a colleague who started at the same time, we are well trained. Step by step, the location manager provided all information and discussed the activities within Trinamics. It felt good to be guided like this. The team was ready to answer other questions.

What exactly does your work entail?
As a Recruiter I am mainly concerned with finding and speaking to as many candidates as possible. I have a lot of telephone contact with professionals, I conduct job interviews and of course prepare them well. In the following period, I also maintain contact with the professionals and discuss my findings with various Recruitment Consultants.

Working at Trinamics means ...
Being able to be yourself in an informal, open and pleasant working environment.

How have you been able to develop yourself within Trinamics?
After years of working in the healthcare sector, I never thought I would feel so at home in a commercial position. This knowledge and development has certainly been possible due to the confidence and time that I have received within Trinamics.

I always start my (work) day with ...
Take a break from my bike ride to work. A cup of coffee soon follows, after which I start my computer to be the first to read my mails. After that my search for new technical talent follows.

My working day was successful when ...
When I have spoken to many new and good candidates that I can introduce to several clients of Trinamics. It motivates me every day when I can make a candidate happy by offering a contract for his / her dream job. But also having pleasant conversations, where you can really delve deeper into personality traits and qualities. And so further looks at only the hard skills of a person.

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