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Our mission and vision


Trinamics has been active as a technical consultancy and recruitment agency since 2005. We recruit national and international technical talent from four offices in the Netherlands and help our clients move forward.

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Manouk Beekwilder

Sales and account manager

Our mission

Connecting, that's what it's all about at Trinamics. The right candidate with the right company. The right job with the right person. The right challenge with the right talent.

Our vision

Every technical company wants to move forward as quickly as possible, to be leading. This requires the best technical people. However, talent in today's market is scarce and not always easy to find. With a personal, open and honest way of working, we let our clients and talents lead the way.

Our Core Values

Core values ​​are the most important values ​​within a company. Our motivations show what we stand for. How do we implement these core values ​​within Trinamics?

We believe that a connection is only strong if the lines are short, open and transparent. We stay in touch and support you whenever you need it. A lasting relationship is more important than a quick profit, that is what we believe in.

Every employee feels involved with the professionals, clients and with each other. We listen to, think along and empathize with everyone's story. We believe in ourselves and what we stand for, but we also bend when the situation calls for it. 

We are accessible and do our job well in a no-nonsense way. Getting to the point quickly without losing sight of the goal is the way we work at Trinamics. Working together to ensure good and high-quality results is paramount. 

Quality you can rely on

For each assignment, we look with an open mind where opportunities lie and bet on them. In this way we succeed in recruiting the best and greatest talents at lightning speed, not only from the Netherlands, but from all corners of the world. Because we know our clients and candidates well, we quickly spot the perfect match.

The internal involvement and loyalty of the Trinamics team fuels the quality we offer. What does this fuel consist of? Knowledge, experience and a large network. We don't push boxes, but look for the right person. Trusting in our strength, we prove we can do it every time. Fast and good. This way, clients know that they can rely on us. Even with a more difficult process or a vacancy that is difficult to fill.

Relationships you can build on

We are convinced that relationships thrive with flexibility, thinking along and staying connected. That is why lines at Trinamics are always short and communication is clear and transparent. Once we get to work, we stay involved. We offer training and development programs to professionals. We offer extra guidance and a social network to talents who leave home and heart in another country to achieve their ambitions here. No more than logical in our eyes. How we work for professionals at Trinamics? You can find that on our For Professionals page.

Clients are always in contact with their own consultant and can ask any questions. We are always ready to think along about the most suitable solution for every organization. Read more about how we help clients move forward here.

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