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Since 2005, Trinamics has been the go-to company that connects technology with people. We're not only here to help you find a suitable vacancy and dream job, but we also keep following and supporting you during the full process. Even after the process, we stay connected.

Our mission

At Trinamics, we like to do it in our own way. We look at opportunities for each assignment with an open mind, and lay our focus on that. Progress is what drives Trinamics.

Quality you can trust

Every technical company wants to move forward as quickly as possible, to be the leading one. To be able to get to that stage, you need the best technical people. However, in the current market, talent is scarce and not always easy to find. Progress is what drives Trinamics. With every good performance, we set a new bar to an even higher level. And we do that time and time again. All to let our clients and talents lead the way!

How do we manage to surpass ourselves again and again? As a "small big party", we prefer to look upwards rather than downwards, always taking on the challenge of doing better than the "bigger ones" above us. And that works surprisingly well!

At Trinamics, we like to do it in our own way. We look at opportunities for each assignment with an open mind, and focus on that. In this way we succeed in recruiting the best talents, and not just from The Netherlands, but from all over the world.

The internal involvement and loyalty of the Trinamics team provides the fuel for the quality that we offer. What does this fuel consist of? Knowledge, experience and a large network. We do not move small boxes, but specifically search for the right person. Relying on our strength, we've proven that we can do it time and time again. Fast and with quality. This way, clients know they can trust us, even with a difficult process or vacancy.

Relationships you can build on

We are convinced that relationships thrive on flexibility, thoughts and connectedness. That is why the lines at Trinamics are always short. We are accessible and do our job perfect in a no-nonsense way. We believe that a sustainable relationship is more important than a quick profit. We believe in ourselves and what we stand for, but also bend when the situation demands it.

We not only help our clients succeed, but also technical talent. We are there to guide them through the maze of vacancies to a job to be proud of. Because it is at a leading company, because the new position increases its own influence, or because it fits better in terms of content. Mechanical engineering, electrical engineering and software are the technical pillars of Trinamics, but their application is diverse. Because we know our clients and candidates well, we quickly see where someone fits best.

Once we get to work we remain involved, among other things by offering training and development programs. We offer extra guidance and a social network to talents who leave their homes in another country to realize their ambitions here. In our eyes, it is only logical to keep the talent that has been brought in.

Do you share our mission?

Then you would fit well with us or with one of our clients! Look at the open vacancies to see if there is something for you or contact us about the possibilities.

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