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The application proces

How does it work?

When you apply for a job at a technical recruitment agency like Trinamics, it works differently than when you apply directly at an employer.
On this page we explain the application process to you.

Do you want to know more?
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Manouk Beekwilder

Sales and account manager

Applying at Trinamics

Trinamics has been active in the technical industry for 15 years. Over these years we have been able to develop a large network with good relationships. We are in close contact with various (international) clients and like to keep the lines short. As a result, we have a good idea and vision of the culture within the organization. Because of that, we are always aware of what is going on internally. Via the Trinamics vacancy database you can apply for any desired position by uploading your CV and leaving your personal data.

A match?

When the consultant sees a match between your CV and the client, you may be contacted for further explanation of your education and work experience. When everything is already clear to the consultant, an intake interview between you and Trinamics will be immediately scheduled. This conversation is all about mutual acquaintance. Your wishes and preferences are discussed and the position and type of organization are discussed in more detail. This conversation can take place via Skype, but also at the physical office of Trinamics. 

The consultant may not see a direct match. This may, for example, be due to the fact that you do not have sufficient work experience or that you do not have the correct diplomas and / or certificates. It is possible that the consultant manages another vacancy that better matches your CV, of course this will be discussed with you. If this is not the case, we will store your data in our database with your permission. When we have a vacancy available in the future that better matches your profile, our consultants will contact you.

Introduce you to our client

When the intake interview has been successful, the consultant will (with your approval) submit your profile to the relevant client. It is also possible that you have to do a number of tests, depending on the level of the position.

Interview at our client

A first meeting with the client takes place when they also see a match between your profile and their own organization. This introductory meeting, which you often have with an HR manager or someone who is responsible for the team you will be working in, can be compared to a normal job interview. For expats, this is done via Skype, so that they do not have to come to the Netherlands for one call.

The consultant you have been in contact with beforehand, is your contact person throughout this entire process. He/she takes care of the entire communication between the client and your application process. This includes providing all information about the organization and what the client's feedback is regarding your introductory meeting. The consultant will tell you whether you can attend a second interview, have been hired immediately or whether you have been rejected for the position. If you have any questions in the meantime, our consultants will be happy to assist you. If you have a second interview as an expat, you will usually be invited to the office in the Netherlands. Our consultants are happy to explain how this works.

You got the job!

When you are hired, we congratulate you and we will start working on your contract. The first employment contract that you will receive comes from Trinamics in the form of secondment. We explain how that works on our recruitment page. After that, we invite you to our office to sign your contract. If you do not live in the Netherlands, we will come up with a suitable solution.

We have set up a relocation process for expats outside Europe. We will put you in touch with the Holland Expat Center, where you will be supported in arranging formalities such as a citizen service number (BSN), conversion of your driving license, accommodation/housing, insurance, etc. We arrange the 30% arrangement regarding to tax benefits and we apply for your visa. Click here for more information.

Once at work, we remain involved, for example by offering training and development programs through the Trinamics Academy. Talents who leave home and hearth in another country to realize their ambitions here, we offer extra guidance and a social network. Only logical in our eyes!