Physics Software Engineer C++ and Python

Software / IT Medior Noord-Brabant

To keep pace with market demands, the machines are getting faster, and chip patterns are getting smaller. At the Software department, we focus on the field of – metrology meaning ‘the science of measuring’. We compensate for sub-nanometer inaccuracies that inevitably creep in due to material imperfections, temperature fluctuations, and/or atmospheric pressure changes.

Metrology software coordinates the behavior of powerful mechatronic modules to enable machines to position a silicon wafer in less than a second, with nanometer accuracy. For example, one such module accelerates at 7g, that’s faster than a fighter jet.

Scanner metrology software is a unique field for software engineers looking to combine their problem-solving skills, interest in physics and programming expertise in one of the world’s most innovative industries. 

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  • EducationBSc or MSc education level;
  • Background in computer science or software engineering.ExperienceC/C++ or Python programming with strong knowledge of architectural patterns and object-oriented design and implementation;
  • Experience with the agile/scaled agile (SAFe) way of working;
  • Awareness of test-driven development and behavior-driven development;
  • Knowledge of Julia, CI/CD, Boost, and/or MATLAB is a plus;We would also welcome experience with: Machine development or embedded systems development;
  • Sensors and/or control loops;
  • Digital signal processors;
  • Robotics;
  • Automotive;
  • Machine learning.

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The software measures and processes the physical imperfections, and calculates how our hardware should behave to address these imperfections, coordinating the many, physical components to maximize system performance. 

Job Description
You will work on a range of physics-based challenges that our lithography machines face, collaborating with the functional metrology engineers;
They create models of machine processes, which predict how our hardware should behave to ensure our machines run with speed and accuracy;

As a software engineer, you will design and implement real-time computational models in C++ or Python, translating and then fitting your models into the scanner’s wider software architecture. 

To achieve this, you use data from the machine’s sensors as the input for the metrology models that control the many actuators in the system. These metrology models then help our machines meet their performance requirements from both a time and accuracy perspective. Code maintainability is another key area, where you must work across a huge code base, while also guaranteeing the future of our software. 

The work at ASML is challenging – you will often have strict deadlines, dozens of stakeholders, millions of lines of C/C++ and Python code and hundreds of undocumented use cases and behaviors – but it is also exciting.
You have to solve problems no other company has to solve and it’s up to you to help push these unique machines right to the edge of their physical limits.

You will be part of a multi-disciplined and friendly team, always available to provide guidance or a second opinion. Whatever you need, your colleagues are there to support you, whether helping directly with a problem or giving you the space to experiment to find a new solution. 

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Physics Software Engineer C++ and Python

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