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Outdoor Soccer Event on Saturday the 17th of August!

On Saturday the 17th of August, we are hosting our yearly sportive event! This time it will be an outdoor soccer tournament on the soccer fields of football club v.v. DBS (in the Meerhoven Area, Eindhoven).

The Event

The event will start around 15.00h till approximately 20.00h and is meant for every employee of Trinamics. Of course it focuses on sports, but also on respect and healthy rivalry. The registration period unfortunately has passed to take part in the active part of the event, but you are welcome to visit our event to cheer for your Trinamics’ colleagues and share a drink on hopefully a sunny day in Eindhoven.

Let us know when you didn’t sign up for this event but would like to visit as a spectator.

We hope to see all of you on the 17th! 

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