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Are you the technical technician that our clients are looking for? Do you enjoy working in the technical sector and do you have a healthy dose of work ethic? Then Trinamics is eager to help you find that job that warms you up. We have a wide range of technical technician vacancies where in many cases at least one of them meets your needs. Can't find that perfect match? Then Trinamics will help you anyway.

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Do you have questions about our technician vacancy offer or do you want to know more about how Trinamics will help you find the ideal job? Then contact us!

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Where do your specific qualities come into their own? That is what Trinamics looks at: we combine your technical technician knowledge and expertise with the client that goes with it. We call that 'perfect fit', so that you are the right person in the right place. Experience shows that this is our key to success: for a decade and a half we have been the right person to link your talent to our clients. Our success thus becomes your success!

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Is that dream job in the technical sector yours? Fantastic news, but then our guidance from you does not stop. In fact, we will continue to keep an eye on you and also support you where necessary. In this way we ensure that the cooperation between client and employee is maintained for a long time. And that job not what you expected it to be? Then Trinamics will work with you to find the employer that will make your wishes come true. Would you like to know more about how we work exactly? Check out our page for technical professionals .

A selection of our Technical Mechanic Vacancies

Technician System Integration

Do you enjoy engineering and do you want improve your hands-on technical skills? Do you want to have direct impact on decreasing the worldwide shortage of computer chips? The department System Inte...

First Line Support Technician

Would you like to support and service challenging high-tech assembly processes? Our client manufacture the complex lithography machines that chipmakers use to produce integrated circuits, or c...

All-round Fitter

Our client's core activity is the production of customized, turnkey compressor, dryer and nitrogen generator installations for the oil and gas industry around the world. Our customer designs, devel...

Technical technicians in all fields

Trinamics has various vacancies available in technology-related industries . We are always looking for technical technicians who can provide our clients. Whether it concerns the automotive industry or machine construction . Our general vacancy page also offers a clear overview of all available vacancies.

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Ready to pursue your career in the technical sector? Trinamics brings you together with the client in the technology that suits you. Create your own success story: apply directly to one of our vacancies!

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