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Working at trinamics according to Sam

Sam is happy to tell you about his role as a Recruitment Consultant at Trinamics. How does he start his working day and what does he enjoy most about his job? You read it here!

This is my story

How did you end up at Trinamics?
I wanted to mediate in other industries than what I previously worked in. So I decided to focus on something else.
I heard about the plans for a branch in Nijmegen through the media and so I contacted the branch manager.

What was your first impression during your induction period?
My first month I worked at the Eindhoven office because Nijmegen was not officially open yet. I was very well received there. Because I already had experience in job placement, I got used to the systems fairly quickly. What took me a little more time was to master the many different profiles and clients.

What exactly does your work entail?
My daily activities are mainly about acquiring new business, sourcing candidates and related activities. For example, doing company visits, intake interviews, preparing candidates for interviews with the customer and so on. In addition, I am the point of contact for my employees in the field of HR matters, questions regarding leave / salary, etc.

Working at Trinamics means ...
The work at Trinamics is always dynamic. Plus the fact that we are an organization with short lines of communication. This means that you can switch quickly with colleagues, but just as well with the management. Within Trinamics you know all your colleagues well and we have fun activities from time to time. This means that as colleagues you go for opportunities together and can sometimes be successful quickly. Despite the fact that it is not a family business, I feel that it is.

How have you been able to develop yourself within Trinamics?
In the relatively short time that I have been working at Trinamics, I have learned a great deal of technical terminology. This makes it easier to find the right candidate for the right vacancy. This knowledge also makes me a better and stronger discussion partner towards candidates and employees. As a result, I am able to ask critical questions and I am able to deepen the discussions with candidates.

With the acquisition of my first customer within the Pharmaceutical industry, I also took a step towards a new business unit within Trinamics. This unit will be called Food & Pharma and I will expand this further with the aim of becoming a Key Account Manager.

I always start my (work) day with ...
I first grab a cup of coffee and then log in to the job boards to see who has put their resume online in the region. Hopefully there are promising leads that can give this day a good start.

My working day was successful when ...
A fruitful day should of course have a placement, but a day is also successful if I have had good customer and candidate contact. Or, for example, when a candidate is invited for an interview with the customer, that is also a great moment of success.

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