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Working at trinamics according to Rutger

Rutger is happy to tell you about his role as Business Unit Manager at Trinamics. How does he start his working day and what does he enjoy most about his job? You read it here!

This is my story

How did you end up at Trinamics?
I moved to Breda about seven years ago. Then I started looking for a position within the recruitment industry where I would be given a lot of responsibility and freedom. I saw a vacancy of Recruitment Consultant at Trinamics and it appealed to me. When I got in touch, I was hired almost immediately. This was partly due to my relevant work experience. It was nice that I immediately found a vacancy where everything was right!

What was your first impression during your induction period?
That was a while ago .. I had the advantage that I already had a few years of work experience in the temporary employment industry and was already familiar with technical recruitment. So I was soon able to work fairly independently. My then manager taught me the intricacies of the trade. I am still grateful to him for this. It is really a job where you learn by doing. You can and may make mistakes, that's exactly what you learn the most from.

What exactly does your work entail?
I maintain contacts with existing (key) accounts / multinationals and expand them further. So I talk to a lot of people every day, which makes it so varied. I also monitor developments and trends within the Automotive and High Tech Industry . In doing so, I try to look far ahead. The guidance and management of the Key Account Managers and Recruitment Consultants within this unit is also my responsibility. This includes conducting performance and appraisal interviews to ensure that we really work as a team.

I also participate in internal consultations relating to organizational developments and I am accountable for the expected forecast and the (weekly / monthly) results ultimately achieved to Management and the Board.   So I am involved in processes at every level of the organization.

Working at Trinamics means ...
The opportunity to perform entrepreneurship as an employee, have fun and that hard work really pays off. The best thing about work is that it never gets boring. You are very varied, but still goal-oriented. It gives a kick if you can move all stakeholders, both internally and externally, to jointly pursue a great goal of which you see the results.

How have you been able to develop yourself within Trinamics?
Over the past 6.5 years I have managed to develop myself from Junior Recruitment Consultant to Business Unit Manager. I have been able to take a few great steps and I am happy that I was given the space at Trinamics to develop myself.

I always start my (work) day with ...
Yogurt with oatmeal and coffee. Nowadays the banana pancakes also go in!

My working day was successful when ...
Everyone within the unit has been busy with the agreed matters and there has been a good balance between work and fun / relaxation. Bad jokes are made enough here.

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