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With these 7 tips your motivation letter is easy to read

When you are looking for a job, you probably write countless motivation letters. But how do you write a letter that is easy to read and ensures that you are invited for a job interview? How can you distinguish yourself so that your letter stands out among those 99 others? Read our tips here! 

1. The writing style
Every organization has its own culture. It is important that you adjust your writing style accordingly.
This shows that you have done enough research and that you understand the culture. Pay attention to your wording and formulation and use the same style throughout your motivation letter.

2. Use short sentences
Get straight to the point and don't use unnecessarily long sentences. Short sentences are more pleasant to read, but you can also use a subordinate clause. You can often say so much with few words. Words like 'very' and 'very' are unnecessary. It is sufficient to indicate that you have 'a lot of knowledge' of something. Also use an active writing style, for example: “I was responsible for” instead of “I was responsible for”.

3. The salutation
Know who you are writing your letter to. It sounds logical, but there is a good chance that you apply for several vacancies in one day and therefore see many names. When writing several cover letters in one day, you will most likely copy a number of parts from your letter to another letter. Make sure that you do not use the name of the contact person from your previous application.

4. The first paragraph
A large proportion of applicants still start a letter with 'In response to the vacancy on'. This sentence does not trigger many people to continue reading. Be creative! For example, open with a recent event related to the open vacancy or say something personal. This holds the reader's attention and makes him or her curious about the rest of your letter. And that's exactly what you want.

5. Be authentic
When you're applying for a job, you probably write several letters a day and you don't always have the right inspiration. That makes perfect sense, but often the reader recognizes this immediately. The use of standard phrases and copied texts from the internet still occurs. It is important that the reader gets a picture of you as a person. And this is a lot more difficult when you use standard texts that come from the internet.

6. Be honest
To increase your chances of being invited to a job interview, it's tempting to exaggerate (a little) your qualities and qualities. However, there is a good chance that you will fall through the basket during the actual conversation, so be as honest as possible. While writing your letter, imagine that you are sitting opposite the person who is responsible for filling the vacancy. Take the attitude of a professional and write down what you would otherwise say out loud.

Applying these tips will make your letter more readable. This ensures that the reader gets to the end of your letter more easily and therefore forms a better picture of you.

Good luck with writing your motivation letter!

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