The Trinamics Sporting Event Was a Success!

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Last Saturday, August 17, 2019, the first outdoor soccer tournament or Trinamics took place on the soccer fields or vv DBS in Eindhoven. We were amazed by all the talented participants showing off their skills!

The Event

At 3:00 PM, everyone was ready to play some football. First, we needed to feed the hungry so we arranged a trailer with some delicious food for everyone to enjoy. This gift the participants enough energy for the first match, which started at 3:30 PM. Amazing skills were on display and 4 teams competed for the tournament win. After all the teams played against each other, the grand final followed at 6:45 PM, after which the evening ended with a delicious BBQ and some drinks.

Thank you all!

All in all a highly successful day with mostly dry weather. We saw some amazing highlights (and also some nice misstakes) on the field. The event, the food and some drinks made for an ideal chance to get to know each other better. We hope everyone enjoyed this day as we have and we hope to see you on the next Trinamics event!

Team Trinamics

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