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This is how you, as a starter, find that one nice job part 2

Graduated and ready for your first job? Let's go! But how do you actually find that one nice job? We give you tips on how to get your first job as a starter.

The lack of experience is not equally important for every employer. There are a lot of employers who really like working with starters. You are seen as flexible and eager to learn, but above all as flexible. This means that you are willing to change (with it) and that you are also able to do so.

  1. Choose an internship or traineeship
    Do you want to spread your opportunities? Then go for the option of an internship or traineeship. This is a risk-free period for the employer to see what your qualities are. Make good agreements about the actual period and any compensation. Also discuss what the follow-up procedure is if it turns out to be a match on both sides.

  2. Post your resume on different job boards
    On job boards such as Indeed, Technicus, Werk.nl Monsterboard, Nationale Vacaturebank and VDAB (for Belgium) you have the option to post your CV (anonymously). Recruiters use these job boards on a daily basis to find suitable candidates. Your CV can therefore be viewed by several companies and agencies in one day.

  3. Sign up for vacancy alerts
    Many job sites or company websites have the option to sign up for a vacancy alert. This way you will always be informed about the latest vacancies and you can respond quickly. You can also register for these alerts via the pop-up on the Trinamics homepage.

  4. Make a job application video
    Depending on the type of company, you can opt for a creative way of applying. An interview video is a great way to set yourself apart from other applicants. Give a short pitch in this video about your characteristics, what kind of position you are looking for and why you are applying for the position. Make sure it becomes clear what your added value is for the organization and why you are suitable for the position.

  5. Online and offline media
    You can of course start your job search through various online channels, but don't forget offline media as well. For example, think of trade journals, newspapers and magazines. Companies not only post vacancies there, but often also advertisements about their services. This way you get to know new companies that might very well match your interests. Does the ad appeal to you? Be sure to take a look at the company's website. If you do not see any (suitable) vacancies, you can still send an open application.

Do you have any questions about this blog? Please contact one of our branches. Our consultants are happy to talk to you!

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