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This is how you, as a starter, find that one nice job part 1

You have just graduated and are ready to enter the labor market. You will look for your first job full of enthusiasm and motivation. How do you find that one employer that gives you the opportunity to get started as a starter? Read it in our blog!

The lack of experience is not equally important for every employer. There are a lot of employers who really like working with starters. You are seen as flexible and eager to learn, but above all as flexible. This means that you are willing to change (with it) and that you are also able to do so.

    1. Connections
      You can never let enough people around you know that you're looking for a job. Tell friends, family, acquaintances, (former) fellow students and people from, for example, your sports club that you are looking. A large part of the vacancies are filled via via and it hardly costs you anything of your time. So win-win!

    2. (Digital) Events
      Expand your network by attending (digital) events. Think of company days, trade fairs, conferences and other events related to work and career. During this period, many events have been postponed or cancelled, but digital alternatives often take place. Take a look at what is planned in your region.

    3. Online Networking
      Let everyone in your online network know that you're looking for a job. For example, post a message on LinkedIn and Facebook, so that contacts and employers in your area know that you are looking for a first challenge.

      On LinkedIn you even have the option of turning on the 'I'm available for a job' button. Make sure to use it, so that you can be found well by HR managers and recruiters. You can also state in your headline that you are available. Be specific about the field in which you are looking.

    4. Optimize your LinkedIn profile.
      After you have indicated on LinkedIn that you are available, take the time to look critically at your profile. Think of it as a first acquaintance and online CV that is visible to everyone. Make sure you have a business photo, headline and original profile description. This attracts attention and increases the chance that someone will read on and therefore also contact you.

    5. Register with agencies
      Register with (technical) secondment agencies. Agencies often manage many vacancies and can immediately tell you something about the qualifications and characteristics of each position. They also know the companies well, so they immediately see whether you will feel at home.

      Didn't find a vacancy that suits you? Then send an open application. Then your details are in any case in the system of the agency and they can contact you directly when they have found a suitable vacancy. Or call the office and tell them what you are looking for and what your background is. That too is a way of networking. You can read more about how we work at Trinamics on our page for professionals.

Do you have any questions about this blog? Please contact one of our branches. Our consultants are happy to talk to you!

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