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Our new Recruitment Consultant!

Read more about how our employees experience Trinamics here. They are happy to tell you about the company culture, the various activities and what they are up to.

We kick off with our newest addition: Lennart Huijbregts.

Who are you?
My name is Lennart Huijbregts, 28 years old and I have been working at Trinamics since December 2019. Within Trinamics I hold the position of Recruitment Consultant Automotive. This means that I am responsible for both the recruitment side and the customer contact within the Automotive sector.

What are your duties within Trinamics?
My daily activities are very diverse. Naturally, the search for potential employees is paramount. I do this through various job boards or from our own database. When I have found the right candidate, I will discuss the vacancy that I have available. If the candidate is interested, I will schedule an introduction. If the introductory meeting from both sides is experienced as positive, I present it to the relevant customer. It is then up to the client to decide whether the candidate will be invited for an interview and will eventually be accepted. The guidance towards the candidate comes from my consultant role. I am also concerned with approaching companies to see if we can do something for each other with vacancies.

How do you experience the position?
The position of Recruitment Consultant Automotive suits me very well. I am a patient person and I am strong in dealing with people. These are important aspects of this job. You must also be able to listen carefully to the employer and / or potential employee, so that it is clear where the needs and wishes of both parties lie. In addition, it gives me satisfaction if I have immediately achieved visible results and what could be better than helping other people find a job that will help them have a good future? Exactly! I thought so too.

Why did you choose Trinamics?
Trinamics is of course not the only one doing this work within the technical sector. Yet I chose to work at Trinamics and not at another party. The first reason is that with Trinamics we are located in 4 major cities. You are free to work at different locations, which ensures variety. In addition, we have a young and dynamic team that makes work and the Friday afternoon drink very enjoyable.

How did you like the first month?
The first month was full of new information, but when everything falls into place, it suddenly becomes very interesting and fun because you also understand better what you are doing. After my first month I can say that I am having a great time. Both the work and the colleagues are a good match for me. It is also a very professional company that offers you a lot of freedom and responsibility.

What do you hope to learn in 2020?
In 2020 I hope to help different people find a job. The faster, the better because then I can taste the real satisfaction and then I actually book the results I started for. I also hope to be able to approach various companies that give me the confidence for which I have been hired. Finally, I hope to become an expert in the field of Automotive, which means that I am sure that I can optimally serve everyone I can get a job and do not miss any opportunities.

Do you want to be the next one to write this story? Then take a look at our vacancy from Recruitment Consultant and apply!

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