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Our Recruitment Consultant Jordy tells about his first period

Trinamics continues to grow, and so does the number of employees at our locations. One of those locations is Eindhoven, where Jordy Grein has already started as a Recruitment Consultant. In this blog he talks about his first period at Trinamics.

Who are you?
I am Jordy Grein, 32 years old and living in Weert. Since the end of August I have been working at Trinamics Eindhoven as a Recruitment Consultant. This means that I am responsible for both the recruitment side and the contact with clients. So it's a varied job. In the meantime, I have completed my first month and have already been able to learn a lot.

How did you end up at Trinamics?
I previously worked for a large temporary employment agency. That is where I laid the foundation of my knowledge. After posting a LinkedIn message that I was looking for a new job, I came into contact with Manouk Beekwilder. She works at the Eindhoven office and is also an acquaintance of mine. We talked about the open position and then I had some conversations with different managers. I have started a new chapter of which I have turned the first page with great enthusiasm!

How was your first period?
My first month at Trinamics was quite intensive, but also a lot of fun. You process a lot of new information in a short time and at the same time you gain a lot of impressions. I notice that this is all a bit easier to process now. My work is starting to get structured and I am also starting to see which colleague I should approach for which question.

The days are flying by and that is a good sign. I really enjoy the contact with clients and candidates and sparring with colleagues. You are therefore both socially and commercially active and that ensures that a working day is very varied. I have had a very nice start and I expect that this will certainly go well in the future.

How would you describe the Trinamics team?
Trinamics is a nice, informal and friendly club of people. All individuals in their own right and therefore strong as a team, and with a healthy dose of competitiveness. If someone encourages you to also apply, then you already know that it is a nice company to work for.

What do you hope to learn in the near future?
I hope to be able to combine all the necessary information and ways of working and thus be fully up and running from January 2021. Preferably sooner of course, but time will tell.

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