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Margo celebrates her 12,5th anniversary

Margo van Balen, our rock in the surf since 2008, is celebrating her 12.5th anniversary! Margo has fulfilled the role of management assistant from the early years of Trinamics. However, the job title does not do justice to its actual range of duties. Not only is Margo the right-hand man of our management, she is also ultimately responsible for the (salary) administration, procedures regarding highly skilled migrants, certifications and the privacy policy of Trinamics. And of course much more!

Appreciated by all colleagues, is ready for everyone and is always up for a joke. With her social character, Margo knows how to make every working day a pleasant day for everyone. Time for a closer acquaintance with our jubilee.

Margo, how did you end up at Trinamics?
Before I worked at Trinamics, I worked as a doctor's assistant and medical secretary at the Ministry of Defense at the hospital in Roosendaal. After that I moved to Breda for work and worked there for 11 years as an executive secretary at an insurance intermediary. A whole different world..

One of the founders of Trinamics is a very good friend of my partner's. As Trinamics was growing, they were looking for someone to support them. That seemed like a super fun challenge and in March 2008 I started in Breda. Trinamics was then almost 3 years old.

How do you look back on the past 12.5 years?
In the past 12.5 years quite a lot has changed within Trinamics. But the great atmosphere of the past is still there, despite the strong growth we have experienced. Trinamics has grown from a small company into a beautiful large company with currently 4 branches and many branches in which we mediate. I have fully experienced this growth and that is very cool to see. Of course I also saw some nice colleagues go, which I always found quite difficult. But I think we're all doing great together. I have to say that the years have flown by so I think that is a good sign.

If you look back to when you started at Trinamics, who were you then and who are you now?
When I started at Trinamics, I was completely unfamiliar with the secondment of technical people and the whole process around it. After all these years I can say that I have gained a lot of experience and that I can provide many of my colleagues with the right information.

Of course, my position has also changed over the years. For example, I have tried to specialize as much as possible in, for example, NEN/VCU, quality, illness and the IND. From an administration in Excel, to a beautiful professional digital system. In short: I have been able to go through many processes step by step.

What is the biggest change you have experienced?
The biggest change for me is the enormous growth we have experienced and the acquisition. As a result, the old owners of the shop floor have disappeared, which took some getting used to for me because we were a team after all. But luckily a very good replacement has returned for them, with whom I have a very nice collaboration.

What's the best moment you've experienced?
Oh there are so many! The joint annual outings are always great highlights for me. The trip to Winterberg is my top priority. It's so nice to get to know your colleagues in a different way. What is also special to experience is that my colleagues also get "older" and that people get married and that children are born, etc.

What will keep you with Trinamics year after year?
Still the super nice atmosphere that prevails there. The growth that opens up new possibilities and new things come your way. It is never boring for me and it remains really challenging.

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