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First Trinamics Indoor Soccer Event successful!

On Saturday the 17 th of February Trinamics organized at an Indoor Soccer Event. Although not everybody could make it due to circumstances there were enough attendees to start the competition at 6.30 pm in Sport Center 'De Heiberg' in Veldhoven. Even former employee Bart Meijs joined the event as well as some friends or Trinamics employees.

After arriving at the sport center people got a goodie bag from Trinamics and got to know which team they would be in. When everybody changed their clothes and prepared themselves for the start of the first match Remco Droog briefly explained the game rules and emphasized sportsmanship.

Despite people didn't meet before, everybody had good interaction with each other and everybody seemed to enjoy the game. Luckily there were no grave incidents or injuries, or course also because of our stand-in referee Remco Terwint who led each match flawless.

During the first two matches it became clear that the match probably needed to decrease in time, because almost everyone was exhausted after the game. Also Craig Wilson felt muscle pain after his first match and clearly needed a short break first before playing a new game. Nevertheless he enjoyed playing and being involved. Also there was enough to eat and drink, so everybody could get some extra energy when necessary.

It was all friendly matches and besides sporting people got acquainted too. For example, even though Vipul Merianda and Stijn van Pelt didn't play football before, they did like it and said to have a good feeling involving Trinamics and colleagues. Maybe next time we will focus on another sport. While the games were being played our commentator Bart Hoorneman gave a cool live report or all special activities such as goals and nice movements. Also Mathias Inghelbrecht came to the event just to get interacted without playing, which we also fthink is really nice.

The team with Mohammed Es-Saidi in it, probably the best player during this event, definitely played better than all other teams and won this competition. Also Marcelo Viera was part of this team and showed to be a skillful player!

After the last match it was time to get a drink in the sports bar and talk about the event or take the last train home.

It was a great event and we will definitely arrange more activities in the near future. Furthermore we want to thank everyone who joined the event and please feel free to give ideas for other possible activities!

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