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A new job during the corona crisis

Starting your new job during this special period is of course a bit different. Our services will continue, but it does require a lot of flexibility from our employees and candidates. The recruitment process looks slightly different, but we are very happy that we can still connect technical talent with our clients.

Diana tells about her start

Diana had been looking for a new technical challenge through various agencies for some time. She sent an open application to Trinamics and was immediately invited for a digital intake interview. Although we all experience some decline in vacancies due to the coronavirus , one of our employees found a suitable vacancy for her at one of our largest clients! We asked Diana how she experienced the recruitment process with Trinamics and her training time during this special period.

"I was looking for new career opportunities for a year and had a lot of meetings with multiple famous and less known recruiting agencies. The only one that was ideal and I can say the best agency I have had experience with, is Trinamics. As soon as I applied for an open position, I was invited for a meeting to discuss my professional background and recent positions."

The recruiting process
One of the best things about the meeting with Trinamics is that the Consultant had so much knowledge about the business of their customers. The way how the position and structure of the business was explained, was highly professional and clear on all states of the process. Sometimes I had the feeling that the consultant of Trinamics worked in the company for a few years himself, doing the job we were discussing.

Moreover they know exactly what their customers need and they do really prepare you for interviews by sharing all the videos about the companies its business and products and sharing presentations, providing multiple tips as well. They also give you advices on all the possible questions that might be addressed during the interview.

The preparation
The preparation process was always, honestly, very efficient and supportive and extremely useful. So you really are confident and happy when you have the interview. From the beginning until the moment of signing contract, the communication with the team was always very positive, clear, efficient and fast.

The start of my new job
I started exactly the moment when all the employees of the company had to work from home. Due to such quick changes and circumstances related to Corona virus, the manager and the team came to a quick and efficient solution to train me and another new colleague for one week in the office and after that we also continued working from home.

During the last 2 days of training we were trying to execute the job as much as we could on our own and addressed all the questions to our trainer and manger. They were super helpful, answered all the questions, gave tips and were supportive all the time. So when we started working from home we were ready to do the job and had the confidence that it will go well.

Not just a buddy (assigned person who is helping with operations) but the whole team has been helping at any moment of the process. They answered all questions and showed how certain operations should be executed or what kind of actions we should take.

Staying positive
I do miss face to face communication and I am looking forward to meet my team in person. However I look at it from the positive point of view as some time in the future we will have one more introduction day when we can all meet each other and I'm sure it will be even more exciting.

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