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6 factors for your job satisfaction

Most Dutch people are satisfied with their job. But which factors actually determine this level of satisfaction? You read them here!

Are you satisfied with your job? Do you enjoy your work? Are you in the right place? These 6 factors influence your job satisfaction!

      1. The atmosphere in the team and at the office
        Because you often see and speak to your colleagues, a pleasant atmosphere and good relationship have a major influence on job satisfaction.

      2. Work-life balance
        The right balance will keep you motivated and keep you productive. When you can clearly indicate the boundary between work and private life for yourself, you run less risk of stress!

      3. Salary and working conditions
        Although the level of the salary is an important factor, fringe benefits also play a major role.

      4. Varying work
        When your work is varied and challenging, this creates a challenge. Boredom is more likely to strike when the work becomes monotonous and not challenging. A bore-out is often lurking!

      5. Development opportunities
        Self-fulfillment is at the top of the pyramid of human needs. We find it important to be able to grow and develop ourselves.

      6. Flexible working and autonomy
        We all want a feeling of freedom and being able to make our own decisions. You get the feeling that you are trusted and that you have control over your own work.

Can't check off these 6 factors for your job? Then it might be time to consider a job that does. We guide you through the maze of technical vacancies , looking for your dream job. Because it is at a leading company, because the new position increases your own influence or because it better matches your wishes in terms of content. Take a quick contact with us!

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