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Frequently Asked Questions

Will my (application) data be kept at Trinamics?

When you see a suitable vacancy and want to respond to it, we ask you to fill in a number of details. These are processed in accordance with the guidelines of the new GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), which came into effect on May 25, 2018. How Trinamics exactly handles your personal data is further explained in our privacy statement. This statement is also followed during your application process.

How does Trinamics deal with my privacy?

We use different types of data to provide candidates and clients with a good service. This is handled with care. We comply with the laws and regulations regarding personal data. Our employees are also regularly trained in the field of privacy! If you want to know more about matters mentioned in our privacy policy or if you want to invoke your rights, you can find this clearly and transparently in the privacy statement .

Does it cost money to be registered at Trinamics?

When searching for a job, you can always register at Trinamics for free . When we found your dreamjob and you start working at one of our clients, no costs will be charged. Our services are totally free .

How does Trinamics ensure a safe environment in which employees can report suspicions of wrongdoing without fear?

Trinamics considers it important that employees can report suspicions of wrongdoing in a safe manner, without fear of negative consequences.

In accordance with the Whistleblower Protection Act, Trinamics has established the following reporting procedure and provided it to individuals working at Trinamics. This procedure enables employees to report concerns at an early stage and contributes to Trinamics' prompt response. In this regard, Trinamics strives for an open culture where integrity and holding each other accountable for behavior are encouraged and valued.