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Fault Mechanic Vacancy

View our extensive range of service technician vacancies in branches such as Installation and Energy and Machine construction.

Do you want to work as a repair technician? Are you that enthusiastic technician who cannot wait to resolve malfunctions and are you looking for a job in the technical sector? Then Trinamics is looking for you! In almost all cases we have a place available: in this way we bring together supply and demand in, among other things, the machine building sector and installation sector . Can't find what you are looking for? Take a look at our other technical branches .

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This is you

You are a passionate repair technician who likes to be busy. Your activities may include maintenance, repair and installation work in the electrical and mechanical field. You detect faults and fix them on various machines, so that they can function properly again. As part of the team you also ensure that the machines perform better in the long term. You do all this in a day or shift roster, depending on the vacancy.

Trinamics discovers your qualities

How do we ensure that you end up with the employer where you also feel completely at home? Trinamics is looking for that. By portraying your specific qualities, we know for sure which of our partners you feel comfortable with. We bring your knowledge as a service technician together with the party that suits you. This makes you the right person in the right place!

We have been doing this with great pleasure and success for 15 years: Trinamics connects talent to a workplace where it does justice. In other words: we bring out the best breakdown technician in you! Moreover, we opt for a personal approach. We get to know you well, which ensures that a successful collaboration with the future client is on the horizon. That sounds good, right?

We follow our repair technicians

Did you succeed in bringing you together with the perfect client? Then we will just keep following you closely. Our service technicians are still guided after the application process. Do you have questions or do you need support? Then Trinamics knows how to be of service to you. In this way we ensure that you and the client remain connected for a long time to come. A pleasant, long-term workplace is therefore - if possible - always the intention. Do you want to know exactly how we work? Take a look at the page about our mission and vision . The page for technical professionals also tells you more about our working method.

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Maritime Medior Zuid-Holland 2900,- / 4000,-

Are you interested to work on unique projects in the maritime industry? Are you interested to work in the Netherlands or abroad? What if you can do both at this company?


High Tech Industry Medior Zuid-Holland 3000,- / 3800,-

Are you ready to carve your own path as an Electrical Maintenance Technician, where freedom and responsibility go hand in hand? Are you passionate about technology and tackle every challenge with enthusiasm? At our location in Zwijndrecht, we offer an exciting opportunity for an Electrical Maintenance Technician (2 Shifts). You can fully utilize your expertise in the field of electrical engineering with us.

Different fields for you

Trinamics has a wide range in different fields, for which we are looking for repair technicians. The vacancies vary and therefore there is often a place available that appeals to you. In this way we bring people together in, among other things, installation technology and machine construction . Is your field not listed here? Or are you looking for a specific sector? Then Trinamics is always interested in an open application .

Would you like to get started as a service engineer?

Have you become enthusiastic and do you want to work as a breakdown mechanic? Or do you see yourself in one of our other technical branches? Do not hesitate any longer and apply directly to our technical vacancies .