Mechatronics (Senior) Designer

Organisatie- en afdelingsomschrijving

In this job you contribute to the design of the system’s dynamic architecture or a passive or active vibration control module. This is done by specification, design, technical budget analysis, critical component selection, integration and test planning and test execution of system components or modules, with the emphasis on dynamics, signal analysis and functional Integration and troubleshoot. The dynamic architecture together with the active or passive vibration isolation is one of the pillars that determine the machines performance


Work in multidisciplinary project teams, aimed at design of the system’s dynamic architecture/vibration control module with the following responsibilities:

  • Optimizing design using predictive modeling techniques;
  • architectural design and perform trade-offs between mechanical, electronic and software solutions;
  • technical budget analysis;
  • selection of critical components and technologies;
  • supporting development of critical components and processes in the supply chain;
  • Integration and test planning of the system/module;
  • Documentation of system/module specifications, design, and test analysis results.


Technical University masters / PhD in Mechanical engineering, Electrical engineering or (technical) Physics

  • Typically 5 – 10 years of industry experience in the design of mechatronics solutions
  • Experience with modeling of dynamic systems and the use of active or passive vibration isolation methods.
  • Experience in measuring of dynamic system behavior (modal analysis, vibration analysis).
  • Specialist knowledge in the fields of dynamics, signal analysis and testing and basic knowledge  of the areas control-engineering, position measurement and actuator systems

Personal Skills

  • Highly motivated, enthusiast and flexible;
  • Good communicator;
  • Think broad, learn fast, take responsibility, act decisive and show critical sense;
  • Ability to technical lead a multidisciplinary team;
  • Convince others of your ideas;
  • Strong analytical ability with a pragmatic attitude;
  • Good knowledge of English.

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Dani Jankovic 040-4015200

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Dani Jankovic 040-4015200