Engine power Analyst/Administrator (With Matlab experience)

Organisatie- en afdelingsomschrijving

The company you’re going to work for is a global player in development, production and service of light, medium and heavy vehicles.


As Engine Power Calculator you’re responsible for creating and maintaining the Engine power curves according to delivered requirements, calculating normalized Engine Heat Release at predefined load points using simulated and measured data and Calculating Engine lifetime using input data of the Sales department and existing ISO curves. 


  • Creating a database with all available Power curves/ Heat Releases.
  • Communicating with stakeholders in the Engine and Vehicle Development teams.
  • Communicating with stakeholders in the vehicle departments.


  • Preferably Master level (Automotive / Engineering).
  • 1 year relevant working experience. 
  • Good understanding of a vehicle Powertrain(Engine-Gearbox-Rear axle-etc.).
  • Experience with diesel engines is preferred. 
  • Good communication skills in Dutch and English.
  • Extended and experienced knowledge of MatLab is required. 

Inlichtingen bij

Koen van Stigt 076-5487373

Solliciteren bij

Koen van Stigt 076-5487373